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Text Cut: Greetings
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Claudine was always grateful that the professors did their best to keep those annoying vines out of the way. She had even worked on a sketch of this a few days ago, using the Muggle Studies classroom as inspiration. It was just another way to remember the adventures at the School during her final year.

“Hi, professor,’’ the seventh year said with a small smile. She eyed the vines some more before heading for a seat at the back of the classroom. Now her attention was around the class in general. Hmm. THere didn’t seem to be any indication as yet about what today’s topic will be.
Rosalie smiled. "Hello, Miss Blaze." She might have only been teaching at Hogwarts for almost a year, but she had quickly grown fond of all of her students, including seventh years like Miss Blaze. She would certainly miss having her in class next term.

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Kinsay was tired of lessons. Couldn't they just call it a year and start the summer holiday early? Professors could spend time with their families and they wouldn't have to grade any more exams and then it'd be a win-win for everyone. See? So smart.

She did try to at least look ... somewhat energetic though. But only because Professor Applewood was her dormmate's MUM. That was totally weird. She imagined that it was probably weirder for Sera.

In any case, she offered Sera's mum a subdued sort of smile as she made her way into the classroom. "Hi professor, it's a good day for a nap." Hint-hint. Muggles napped too, so it even fit into the curricula. See? Double smart.
Always a pleasure to have the younger Miss James in class as well. Rosalie might have hoped that she would be a good influence on her daughter, considering they were dormmates, but...well, Sera was awfully stubborn and headstrong. No idea where she got that from. "I think you're right, a quick nap after class would be quite refreshing, yes," she replied with a smile, with a slight emphasis on 'after class.' That was quite important.

Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post
Valentina entered the classroom with her usual cheerful smile.. which faded just a bit when she noticed the vines. Meh. She only hoped they would be gone by the end of the term. "Hello, professor." She greeted before heading to a seat somewhere near the front, giving Claudine and Kinsay a little wave as well.
Rosalie did note the slight change in Miss Nichols' cheerful expression upon seeing the vines. And it made her hope all the more that they were close to finding the way to get rid of all the vines for good. "Hello, Miss Nichols," she replied, smiling warmly.

Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
The weather being comfortable made him feel lazier. Or perhaps that was just coming with closeness of end of term, as Evan would have much preferred to sit in his dorm and work on his gifts for fellow fourth years over attending classes. Though Muggle Studies did always hold a special place in his heart, which made the walk towards the classroom slightly more bearable.

Entering the room, he gave a small smile and nod towards Professor Applewood with a quick, "Hello, Professor. Hope you're well." before moving further in to try to locate a spot for himself. He considered one of the open seats near Val, who did get a small wave in hello, before zoning in on Kinsay and remembering how little he'd been able to see her and the concern at her more subdued nature in classes. Making his way to an empty spot beside her, he sat and started to pull out his supplies for the lesson. "Hey Kins, how are you?"
If there was any reluctance in coming to class thanks to the warmer weather, Rosalie didn't notice it. The Ravenclaw fourth year was always an excellent student in these lessons. "Thank you, Mister Nam, I hope you are as well." She smiled.

Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Every birthday meant she was now done with the current schooling year. Remy was THIRTEEEN now, so was only thinking about third year prospects, as well as future colleges and careers because she had to think about adult stuff now. The blonde still arrived at todays muggle studies class with her usual keen spirit to learn, as she found herself a seat near the front of the room.

The vines seemed to be kept at bay which Remy appreciated… although she was too used to seeing them by this point so it was no biggy. “Hi, Professor Applewood.” She greeted as she set her things down.
Another student who always seemed eager to learn, something Rosalie appreciated. It was one of the best qualities anyone could have, in her opinion. The desire to learn was very important in all stages of life. She smiled. "Hello, Miss Gaeltheos."

Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
Spring meant that summer was soon, and summer meant no school and honestly, Florrie couldn't wait. But she was aware that Misa wouldn't be coming back next term, and so there was a part of her that didn't want this one to end. Even if they hadn't been on the greatest of terms recently, Hogwarts without Misa wasn't something Florrie wanted to experience.

Her mind wasn't really on the lesson, but she tried to pull herself back to the present as she entered the classroom, offering the Professor a small smile and, "Hello, Professor," in greeting before finding a seat. She wanted to sit beside the window, to look out over the spring sunlight-lit grounds, but the vines on the wall were off putting and had her instead choosing a seat in the middle.
A few students did seem a little distracted, Miss Charbonneau among them, but with the vines situation and the end of term approaching, it was understandable. The closer it got to summer, the more restless students (and even professors) became. "Hello, Miss Charbonneau," she replied with a smile.

Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Violet was really glad spring was here. Normally she enjoyed the cold weather, but it had really gotten into her bones this past year. She had hoped it might have an inhibiting influence on the vines, but no such luck.

"Hello, Professor Applewood," she greeted her professor, smiling. Violet missed Professor Schmoe a great deal--he had been one of the few professors she felt she could talk to when she had a problem and she had yet to find another confidante. So she had been prepared to dislike his replacement on principle, but the new professor was really quite nice, so Violet had wound up liking her despite herself.

Looking around the classroom, Violet found herself a seat and waited for class to begin.
"Hello, Miss Blackthorne," Rosalie replied with a smile of her own. Another one she enjoyed having in class. The young Slytherin was such a keen observer and another who always seemed ready to learn.

Once it was time for the lesson to begin and the last student had arrived, Rosalie walked over and closed the door. Not locked, since they would be moving to another location soon, but it would certainly be noticed if anyone tried to sneak in late.

Returning to her place in front of the class, she smiled.

"Alright, let's get started then, shall we? We won't be spending the entire lesson in the classroom today, but we do have a little bit of a discussion to get through before we get to that.

"So my first question for you all is: What are some ways - non-magical ways - that people can express their creativity?"

OOC: Welcome, everyone! The lesson has begun! As always, you're welcome to join in any time during the lesson, just pretend your character has been here the whole time We'll move on in approximately another 24 hours.
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