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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
With Apricot off having a spa day, Jade took to the streets of London in her favorite pair of black boots and new vegan jacket that a certain dragonologist had bluntly hinted at looking good on her. While not usually one to take fashion advice from the fashion impaired, she had agreed with this particular suggestion. She felt a bit dirty in it considering others would likely assume that it was real leather, abhorred the thought, but it was the sort of calculated thrill she could afford.

Pausing when Coconut began to whine and paw at her leg, the former Ravenclaw pushed her sunglasses up on top of her head and knelt down while pulling her bag around to her front. "Just a moment, darling," she cooed softly as she sorted through her meticulously sorted bag for the portable water bottle of Coconut's. Though as she searched, Coconut's favorite tennis ball (with Coconut's name embossed upon it) rolled out and away from her...which had her pup's ears twitch and whine louder as the foolish but loveable creature took off after it right towards the crowded street of muggle vehicles and cyclists.

"COCONUT! NO! Biéguǎn tā!" she commanded while simultaneously having her arm yanked by the dog taking off and herself pulling back to try and keep her baby from harm.
Time spent at home was getting further and further apart. Not that Leander minded, of course, but his family were getting irritated with him, and so he was here today to surprise his Mum. Which would probably earn him a lecture (which apparently being an adult didn't exempt you from), even though he was trying to be nice.

But all thoughts of his parents left his his brain as he spotted the rolling tennis ball, and the subsequent dog trying to chase it. Hurrying forward a little, he stopped the ball with the toe of his Oxford's before bending down to scoop it up. Ball clutched in his hand, he maintained his slightly faster pace towards the dog and the woman tugging him back, hoping it would discourage the dog from trying to get away anymore.

"Yours?" Leander smiled, offering the ball.

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