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Listening to everyone as they answered, Florrie couldn't help glancing over her shoulder every so often, just to make sure the vines weren't encroaching on the classroom even further whilst their attention was elsewhere. Annoying as they were, and as distracted as she found herself by them, they were still kind of pretty in a weird, vine-y way.

Raising her hand, the sixth year waited until she was called on before speaking. "I don't really have anything to add, Professor," she started, given that all she knew was that it was a) difficult, b) tasted funny and c) used by werewolves to stay in control, and all of this had been mentioned by her classmates already - "But I was wondering - what about it is modified? And what's the point of the modified potion - like, what does it do?"

Rude, maybe, but Florrie was curious. And it was kind of pointless, like a lot of theoretical schoolwork, if it didn't do anything, in her opinion.
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