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The vines were really getting quite annoying. While Gracelyn had never been particularly anti-plants, the vines overtaking the castle were proving to be something else entirely. She never thought she would have remembered last term fondly, but at least Healer Poppy hadn’t tried to trip anyone. Whether intentionally or otherwise. It was taking all of her gymnastic skill to not run into any of the vines as she walked around.

She hardly blamed the Potions professor for trying to manhandle the vines, either. At least, that was her assumption as the tall Hufflepuff had found her way to class to see the tendrils gathered near the back and the slightest glimpse of bandages peeking past his crossed arms. “Good morning, Professor Hernandez,” she greeted him with a smile, making her way to her usual workstation. Maybe if they ignored the vines, they’d go away. At least, maybe she’d be able to focus on potions and not everything else.
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