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It was a little bit chilly even with her Ravenclaw scarf on. Lisa had her arms wrapped around her torso as she entered the classroom, just seeing Scarlett and Daniel’s interactions with the Professor. She followed Daniel’s lead. “Hi Professor Flamsteed!” she smiles with her teeth chattering a little bit. She didn’t know why she was so cold because it wasn’t that cold yet. Maybe next lesson she ought to put thicker socks on and bring her mittens too? “A little chilly today.. How are you?

She made her way past the Professor and then stood next to Daniel. “Hi Batman,” she greeted, tempted to lean a little closer to her friend to stay warm but chose not too because she respected his personal space. If it continued to get colder, then she would move closer. Or she should go stand next to her older sister to stay warm? That was an option too.
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