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Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Oh, it looks so much like JOSHY! That lil Josh in a cup is so cute. EEK.
I am really so pleased with how it came ou it was all in the eyes, honestly. i had to trial a few different shapes and once I stopped trying to make them so round it was a "AHA!" moment
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
KAAAAAATH I LITERALLY CANNOT WITH THAT CUTE LIL JOSH CLOWN it's so perfect. The vision you had for it came together so perfectly. I am so impressed with all the details you manage to incorporate into each of these pieces. Already the challenge of combining a prompt with a character is such a creative endeavor, but you really take it the extra mile and it's so fun to see it all come to life.

Don't tell the others may be my favorite thus far. And thank you *squishes* It has truly been crazy that so far...literally every single piece has had an almost instant image come to my head to roll out with. I am sure there will be a roadblock eventually, but so far the odds have been in my favor
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
I love them both SO much. Sachiko's backstory always cuts me....and the way you captured Josh so perfectly xD HIS HAIR lmaaaoooo. Fantastic work, Kath!
Sachiko became so unintentionally tragic I probably should not laugh at her misfortune we are. And MAN his hair was giving me some grief because at first it was a little boxy and I thought I had totally messed things up (because it can only get SO big before it looks absurd) but caught the curls before it was too late. I love having such a variety of brown markers now so I can layer and blend and

Sketchtember "Cocktail"

click for larger view

inspiration SSRPG character Eiji Rasting (sweetpinkpixie) & featuring Missa Renaldi (Samia)
materials Ohuhu brush tip markers, copic multiliner (brown, gray, magenta) 0.3, white uni-ball signo pen um-153

This is another RP moment inspired piece. The prompt of cocktail for Eiji was easy to make instant references to potions and alchemy, his forte, but when approaching this particular piece I really wanted to focus on something revolving these subjects of interest that really really stuck out and impacted Eiji and his development...which instantly brought to mind a scene from the early days of his relationship with Missa.

Eiji was known for being a very gifted potioneer even as a first year, but one year his little sister (Becky Rasting, previously featured here) broke into his private potions stores and misread his coded labeling while taking a potion. She had meant to make a Cheering Concoction to slip into the dough of the cookies she was making everyone for Valentine's Day (naively just wishing everyone to have a happy day) and took instead a love potion...mass chaos ensued. Eventually things were pinned back to Eiji seeing as Becky was terrible at potions and the fact that Eiji had a love potion in his possession sent Missa's mind in a tizzy. Young love is overwhelming on its own and especially for a couple as co-dependent as Miss and Eiji are, and for Missa these intense and new emotions developing so quickly caused her to question whether they really were real or whether, MAYBE, Eiji had fabricated them all and that was why he was in possession of a love potion.

So...Missa asked.

The above depiction looks rather comical, which is more a reflection of them now looking back (thankfully they can laugh at themselves....ish) rather than how it felt in the moment because it was intense. Eiji was insulted and put off by the sheer notion that Missa would even think him capable of doing something so deceitful and Missa was so overwhelmed with how strongly she was feeling. The, uh, heated argument turned out to be the first time Eiji would say the words 'I love you' to Missa and he poured the rest of his love potion out and promised never to brew one (just to see if he could manage it) again.

Just like with the time I drew Eiji for Seektober last year...I love how his hair turned out He absolutely hates how dramatic his surprise and upset look, since he really does not emote that way, but it basically is how he had been feeling on the inside during the whole conversation. Missa's little scramble egg eyes are a favorite aspect too and I just love that style to depict weeping eyes. And again, as always, praise be to my Ohuhu skin tones set because...I am obsessed.

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