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Skirts. An article of clothing that Quinn had always been interested in wearing. He was able to have one of his old Muggle school friends (and by one of he meant only), Marianna, smuggle him some before he got on the Hogwarts Express, so now he would actually be able to try them out. However... he was still a bit nervous about it. He had never worn a skirt before and he wasn't sure how other people would react to it. So far nobody seemed to pay any mind, but he still felt like all eyes were on him.

He sat at a table in the library, researching magical plants they hadn't learned about in class. Quinn had gotten into the hobby of replicating the diagrams of the structure of the plants—it helped him to remember their different parts, and he was able to just look in his notes rather than come back to the library and find the same book. He was drawing with his right hand and picking at the skirt with his left, all three of the bracelets on his wrist shimmying around as his fingers pulled at the fabric. It couldn't have been much shorter than a regular pair of shorts, if it was shorter at all, but for some reason his legs still felt exposed. And he had to remember to keep his knees together or his legs crossed... girls had a lot to think about, didn't they?
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