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Mia Paszek

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Margaret (Mamie) Turov
Fourth Year

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Peggy Laplace
Games & Sports

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Gabriel Melo
Law Enforcement
Constant Vigilance! O_O AWAKE!

History of Magic was objectively the worst. No flying, no doing anything exciting, just learning about old people, usually dead, and the things they'd did. Done. She did not like it, but Professor Holden was okay. He was nice, at least.

And he liked to be outside, even if they had to have class inside.

"Good morning, Professor Holden," she said as she surveyed the room, looking for a good place to sit. Was it okay if she sat in the back? She'd probably be able to see over people's heads. But...she decided not to risk it, and took a seat near the front next to Val instead.
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