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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Was he focused on the fireplace and not on any surrounding people? Absolutely. Which is why, had the slytherin not greeted him, he likely would have not noticed her presence. There was something mesmerizing about watching the flickering flames, and also worthy of procrastination. But she had greeted him, and thus the Gryffindor turned his gaze toward her which wasn't difficult as she opted to sit across from him.

"Hey Maya. Oh, is that what we're doing here?" He glanced back at the fire briefly before back to her. "I thought we'd maybe start with some pyrotechnics. Although, you can't roast marshmallows or cook anything on this fire, so I'm not sure how useful studying it would be." That and he was pretty sure Professor Euka would frown upon food consumption in the library. And it would probably be the fault of Slytherin again if Gryffindor lost anymore gemstones.
She started to unpack her bag, gently setting her planner on top of the books and taking out all the muggle highlighters and pens - while she did enjoy using quill and ink she found using colored pens were much more helpful. When Apollo asked if tutoring was what they were doing there, she paused for a moment. She was ready to flip open her planner to verify that it was indeed today at this specific time that they were supposed to meet before realizing he was joking.

"Pyrotechnics?" Maya asked, looking at the fireplace.

... In a library? "If we were to set a fire here by accident, I'm sure we'd both end up getting expelled," Maya added. "Though if after this you wanted to make some s'mores outside of the library, I would say you deserve it." What was studying without a little reward?
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