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Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Aw, cute lil Sam. That scene makes me laugh, and you drawing it makes me laugh even more.
I wish I had even an ounce of your wit, Ern so glad the little doodle brightened your day and thank you for brightening mine (and always enriching my RP experience!)

Sketchtember "Fog"

click for larger view

inspiration SSRPG character Charles Hollingberry (sweetpinkpixie) & featuring Lucien Rosier
materials Ohuhu brush tip markers, copic fine inking pens 0.3

'Fog' was a prompt that I was unsure what to do with, until I saw that my random generator had assigned it to Minister for Magic, Charles Hollingberry. Another RP inspired doodle, this one comes from his pivotal duel with Neo-Alliance leader. Lucien Rosier, that officially marked the conclusion of the Third Wizarding War and specifically this passage.
Charles’ potent Knockback Jinx struck true, Lucien catapulted backwards, the sound pillars cracking and beginning to topple like dominos… The Minister struggled to pinpoint the source of the nausea that swept over him as he tore his gaze away from the scene, unable to bear witness to Lucien’s demise and the white hot pain from the curse morphing into the ache of moral culpability that would haunt Charles for as long as he remained of this world. Once he turned back, all the man could see was a pile of rubble and the Elder Wand abandoned just before it.
I have taken a few creative liberties with the depiction, but I feel like the essence of the moment has been captured the way I hoped it would. I stuck with muted colors this time from my pastel collection and gave all the colors that were too bright (save for the sunrise) a layer of cool gray. The lack of line art on everything but the two men was a conscious choice to not only place emphasis on them but also to signify the emotional fog Charles felt in the moment. This day ripped Charles' soul into pieces and a thick brain fog settled in in association with his PTSD. For a character that pushes to be vibrant and boisterous, using such a muted and muddy color palate is really jarring for me and was a really interesting exercise in exploring this darker side of Charles' emotions. The sunrise, which really sticks out, only adds to the contrast.


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