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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
He smiled at her and the offer, shaking his head in response. "It doesn't matter much. My Appa buys me a new one every birthday." Mainly because he didn't know what Evan's interests were, and one could only buy their son so many notebooks before realizing they were piling up. Though for some reason that seemed to escape him on watches. As if someone needed more than one?? The niffler's attention seemed to swivel to her, and Evan gave another small laugh. "Might want something glittery to distract him from your jewelry though." And now that the niffler had turned, slowly reached his hand to stroke it's back.

"That makes sense. I would expect they're pretty particular about that here?" Which made sense. These were not all common creatures, and would need an expert and probably not want a novice assistant, even with as skilled as Lia was with animals as well. "I bet Sir Frederik is especially healthy with your sister around, huh?" It was probably really nice to have someone so good with animals around when you had your own pets. "How old were you when he stopped?" He asked curiously, before she was questioning what he meant by resources. Even he would have to admit that was probably the most awkward way he could have asked. "Uhh... I guess I meant like time with your parents and your siblings? I imagine it would be hard taking you all everywhere...?"
She was about to open her mouth and ask if he was sure, when he explained that he gets a new watch every birthday. "Really? Do you.. like watches?" Lia tilted her head curiously at Evan, wondering why anyone would really need more than one or two unless they collected them. Or perhaps he liked to wear a different one with clothing? She did that with her jewelry all of the time. As the niffler turned its attention towards her she smiled. "It's okay, nothing on this hand will really upset me if he managed to get it off." Yet she still reached into her bag with her other hand to rummage around inside and see what she could find for the niffler to play with.

"Yup, you guessed right. They do offer volunteering programs and internships for older individuals though. That's actually how Hady got started working here." Maybe it was something she would do someday too. "Uhhh, maybe five or six?" (Rper is failing to remember atm lol) she shrugged a shoulder not completely sure anymore. Lia chewed the inside of her cheek as she gave some real thought to Evan's question. "Sometimes? I don't want to lie and say no.. there's five of us younger ones and five adults that are still their kids with their own kids.. so grandchildren. Mum works at the Ministry and papa has his shop, it's a lot already and they really really try. We do lots of things as a family all year around but.. with so many people it does make it hard to get that one on one time sometimes.." she hadn't meant to make it sound like she was upset about sharing her parents but that may have been how it came out.
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