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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Lia only had eyes for the niffler that was slowly making its way towards them. The way it was sniffing all around was the cutest thing ever! Watching how it seemed to be attracted to the slight shine that was coming from Evan's watch now. "I think you're about to make a friend," she whispered softly, not wanting to startle the little niffler. As much as she wanted to reach out an scoop the creature up into her arms, she resisted the urge for the time being. She wanted to give it a chance to get closer to them on its own.

"It really is great. I hardly ever turn down spending time around creatures." If it was up to her she would probably come here everyday. Maybe. "As often as I could. I went to work with my papa all of the time too. There's a lot of us kids so sometimes we had to take turns." Coming here with Hady though was much easier than all of the kids going to her papa's shop since the zoo is way way larger.
Evan's attention was also fully captivated by the little creature cautiously making it's way towards them. There was a soft smile on his face as it got closer and closer, sniffing at his hand - particularly the watch. He fought the low chuckle that wanted to escape, and instead slowly nodded his head at her words. "I might also be about to lose my watch." Not that it would matter that much to me if the niffler did manage to steal it away, he had others at home.

"I don't blame you." He would have wanted to spend all of his time here too. "Do you ever get to help your sister take care of the creatures too?" A vet sounded like a really cool job too. It was not something he had yet considered for his future, but maybe. Psychology and study of the human mind did still hold more of a fascination to him though. "Your dad worked at the Menagerie?" Or was he mistaking that? "Has it ever been hard to have to share resources with so many siblings?" And by resources, he really only meant time.

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