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SPOILER!!: The best tour guide ever
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
"You're welcome," Lia smiled back, giving him a tiny play nudge with her shoulder against his in a silent attempt to make him laugh or something. Friends did nice things for one another when they could and this was something that she could easily do without any trouble at all.

She might only be thirteen and she might be a touch on the short side for her age still but she did pride herself in her knowledge of this place and the creatures within the zoo. So technically Evan really didn't need a map buuuuuut she felt that he might like to be able to keep track of where they were heading and where they had been. Plus it did make a nice keepsake. As his 'tour guide' for the day, she was going to make sure he got to see and do EVERYTHING!

Dahlia flashed Evan a wide grin. "Good because that's all you can do right now." Trust her, that is. And he need not worry because she wasn't going to let him down. She led the way further into the Children's Playground. "So this is it. In here we can touch, hold and play with the whoever comes to us. As long as we're careful not to drop, hurt or scare any of them." That was very very important. Obviously the zookeeper for this area was right there keeping an eye on things and would help them should the need it. "They do demonstrations and stuff here too." Could he see now why she liked it in here? Nifflers, crups, kneazles!

He smiled back at her, a small laugh escaping when she pushed his shoulder gently. He might have still been confused on the definition of friend and how people got to becoming friends when everyone started as acquaintances but... he at least knew that he and Lia WERE friends. And that must have just been what this was like. It did feel reminiscent of him and Solana before their first year.

Her height and her age had made no difference to him on this. And he did plan to keep the guide as a memento, but he felt no need to follow along in it while they walked around. She knew what she was doing. So he'd just keep looking at the sights and enjoying their time.

Trust was not something that came easy to him. Too many hurts and betrayals, but this time it was fine. She was still one of the only people he'd explained his past two years in detail too, and while maybe it still wasn't all settled and calmed, but he had taken a risk and confirmed she was trustworthy and a good person. So blindly following her was really not that hard for him to do at this point. But then they were to the area she liked. And... did she just say they were allowed to touch the animals? Hold them? PLAY WITH THEM? He glanced around at the ground and could see all the creatures wandering about. So he did the natural thing to do in this scenario.

And he plopped down where he stood to see if any were comfortable coming to him. "This is so cool! I can see why you like this spot! It's like the no-mage zoo's where they let you hold and interact with sloths and stuff." He did always enjoy those. One on one time with the animals was always the coolest experience.
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