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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post

Well, it was fairly obvious to him now that he had lost the battle and to give in on the fact she was not going to take any type of compensation in turn for his ticket for the day, so instead he chose to give a small smile in gratitude. "Well, thank you then." And yes, he would have to figure out a different way to make it up to her. Which he would probably spend the rest of the day thinking about while they continued their travels throughout the zoo.

He could in fact catch up fairly quickly, which he was able to do in not much time at all. Reaching her side around the time they reached the top of the staircase. He glanced around once they were there, taking in all the sights as they started their exploration. The best part of having a tour guide was that he didn't have to pay much attention to figuring out the actual route since Lia knew, and he could just enjoy the journey.

He did trust her, so the request wasn't hard. And yet he still could not get his eyebrow to move back to it's normal, level position. Instead it remained raised as he looked around and they entered the children's play area. There was a lot of trees, which was certainly curious. "I'll take your word on it." And he didn't mean that as sarcastically as it might have sounded. His curiosity was just growing and growing as he wondered what exactly this favorite attraction of hers was going to be.
"You're welcome," Lia smiled back, giving him a tiny play nudge with her shoulder against his in a silent attempt to make him laugh or something. Friends did nice things for one another when they could and this was something that she could easily do without any trouble at all.

She might only be thirteen and she might be a touch on the short side for her age still but she did pride herself in her knowledge of this place and the creatures within the zoo. So technically Evan really didn't need a map buuuuuut she felt that he might like to be able to keep track of where they were heading and where they had been. Plus it did make a nice keepsake. As his 'tour guide' for the day, she was going to make sure he got to see and do EVERYTHING!

Dahlia flashed Evan a wide grin. "Good because that's all you can do right now." Trust her, that is. And he need not worry because she wasn't going to let him down. She led the way further into the Children's Playground. "So this is it. In here we can touch, hold and play with the whoever comes to us. As long as we're careful not to drop, hurt or scare any of them." That was very very important. Obviously the zookeeper for this area was right there keeping an eye on things and would help them should the need it. "They do demonstrations and stuff here too." Could he see now why she liked it in here? Nifflers, crups, kneazles!
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