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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
He would have bet his galleons she was more so. Merely for the fact she had so many more people to worry about than he did. Lia obviously had a big heart, something he admired about her. But with a big heart, seemed to come it's own set of problems regarding just how much one cared about everyone around them. It actually looked kind of exhausting, though she certainly did it all well.

Evan would have been fully on board with her plan, actually he WAS considering that was really all he wanted out of the day as well. He laughed as she explained she was a creature person, knowing full well that was in fact the case, before raising an eyebrow in interest when she said there was somewhere she preferred partially over the others. "Where is it?" Though he didn't really need to ask since they'd be heading that way soon enough. "I can be your guest and still pay my own way!" He definitely did not expect her or her sister to front his part of the bill, that would have been rude of him as well.

Once she dashed off, he stretched his legs to follow quickly after her, taking stairs two at a time towards the top. He then followed her over towards the resource center, where she was grabbing flyers and brochures and he just momentarily watched. Then she was offering everything to him and he accepted it, glancing over the papers, taking particular notice of the map. There was... a lot he wanted to see. Actually, he wanted to see all of it. Which meant they were in for quite the long day, he was certain. "Food later, and gift shop last seems good to me?" He didn't want to carry purchases around everywhere. Hearing her say next stop would be the playground, eyebrow arched again though smile remained. "Okay, well lead the way!"
Dahlia wasn't going to give anything away. Just like she wasn't going to allow him to pay his own way today either. "Evan, it's not necessary. Honest. It's all been taken care of." There was nothing at all rude about it when she had invited him and her sister had gotten the tickets for them. If it really meant that much to him, he would have to find some other way to pay her back.

Perhaps she could've walked up that stairs with him but sometimes running ahead was more exciting. Plus she had a feeling he could catch up quickly enough. Lia nodded along, a smile on her face as he seemed to agree with what she had said. "Sounds like a plan to me." Honestly she never really understood why people would want to eat right away and than do a whole ton of walking. That just made her feel nauseous. She always waited a bit before eating and shopping was best later in the day so things didn't have to be carried around for hours and hours.

The look on her friends face when she mentioned where they would be headed first made her giggle. "Just trust me. You're going to love it!" Lia continued walking into the zoo a little bit leading the way into what was a children's playground area that had a tree fort which had kid friendly creatures.
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