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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Ah, wonderful! He had his first volunteer of the day. Colwyn loved getting people up close and personal with the owls. It was when they could touch them, fed them and really interact with them, that bonds were formed. That was how his owls found their true homes.

"Why, thank you, so much." He offered a light smile at the compliment that was given to one of his owls. It always made him proud when something nice was sad about one of them. "Copper here has been with me since he was a tiny owlet. That was quite some time ago and he sure has grown since than," he gave a small chuckle.

"Do you like owls?" He was always curious about how others felt about them.
"He is much older now?" Tomasz asked rather awkwardly, tilting his head and looking back up to the man who looked to be very proud of the owl. Admittedly, Tomas felt a little embarrassed for having stepped up to speak to him. "I- eh," he stumbled over his words for a moment or two as his brain searched for the ones that he needed. "They are OK." Is what he eventually went with.

He did not mind owls so much, but they were by no means his most favorite of animals. He was always kind to those who came by the house for delivery and always took extra care to give them treats for their efforts. He took great care in thanking those that made delivery runs for him too. So maybe he should not have settled on just 'OK'. But it was too late to change his words now.

Instead, he tried to elaborate, in hopes that he could explain himself better. "I am more fond of cats, but owls, they are good animals too." He had no idea who he was speaking to, if that weren't obvious.
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