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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post

A problem he was experiencing was that he couldn't stop worrying when it concerned her. It was a problem, something he was working on. Day's like today probably did not help, but he found he was still powerless to have bowed out of it when he'd been so looking forward to the event. But it was fine, all was fine. They'd have a ton of fun today, and he'd continue opening up to more people and making more friends and then maybe it would be easier to stop worrying.

That was the plan.

But it would start tomorrow.

The laughter made the smile remain, and he gave a small shrug of his shoulders. He was interested in what her favorite part of the zoo was though! And it seemed the best starting point, both from out of his own interest and efficiency. "It's our trip, and I don't know the zoo well enough to have a place picked to start. So starting at your favorite where you're probably most familiar and working through the most well known parts of the zoo first seems efficient!" He'd keep the other reasonings to himself.

So yes though, that was what he wanted to do. "I'm absolutely ready for that." He accepted the wristband, securing it around his wrist. "What do I owe your sister?" Because he certainly didn't want her to be out anything for them getting to do this. At the question of were they ready, he nodded his head and flashed a thumbs up. "Let's go!"
In all honesty, she was as much a worrier as he probably was. Maybe even more so. Oddly enough, that hadn't always been the case but it was now even if she was trying to change that. There were days and certain situations that made the worrying within her escalate but today wasn't one of those days.


All Lia wanted to do was have a good time and see all of the creatures. That was the plan and she was sticking to it. Evan's interest in knowing what her favorite area of the zoo was came as no real surprise to her buuuuut the thing was, she enjoyed the entire place. All of it. Yup, that was a very normal Dahlia response but it was true. "Okay, okay, it is our trip but I'm a creature person. There's not really an area here that I DON'T like. But there is one spot that I guess I'm a bit more partial to.." she looked over at him and smiled brightly. Not hints were going to be given. He would just have to wait and see.

Good, very good. As long as he knew what he was getting into. Lia waved a hand at him, quickly dismissing his question. "Nothing. You're my guest, remember?" If anything she owned her sister, not him. That's how invitations worked. Unless it was to somewhere super crazy expansive but that was an entirely different story.

"Lets do this!" Laughing, Lia dashed off up the grand staircase and through the large golden doors. Once on the other side where several large fountains shaped as beasts stood, she collected a park map, creature pamphlets and various other fliers. "Here, you can take a look at there. The map and pamphlets are really great and if you spot an area you want to go to just let me know." Bounces on her heels for a few moments giving him time to look around. "The gift shop and food area is right here.." Points those out quickly. "I normally don't eat right away but we can if you want to.. and I check out the gift shop later on. If you're ready we go head to the Children's Playground." Trying to keep her cool right now and not let on that this is probably her favorite spot to go to.
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