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Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Remy couldn’t remember if Pascal was a toad or a lizard, so she just smiled when Lisa brought it up. Why hadn’t they had any pet dates together? Were cats and toads/lizards a good match for a play date? “There are so many I’d love to see, but especially a Fwooper… they’re so pretty.” Remy just seemed to enjoy birds, despite having a cat as her school pet. She would have ALL the pets if she could. She lowered her voice to a slight whisper as Pippa Weatherbee started talking. “Look, a Jarvey!” She pointed excitedly, followed by laughter at the creatures silly words.

When were the demonstrations starting? Had she gotten the wrong day?

Yeah… I felt a bit like that, too.” Probably not quite as much as Lisa. Her last few weeks as a first year were a bit lame, mostly from being home sick. Ironically, now that she was home she couldn’t wait to leave again. “At least we’re here now, right before we become SECOND YEARS!” Meep, it was so exciting. By the way, a summer pool party would be a FANTASTIC idea.

Remy’s face did a funny thing when Lisa mentioned she was going to a theatre camp. Ummm… how could she NOT mention a theatre camp to her fellow lost boy? “Chip? Aww, cute, I think he’s my favourite character.” Her comment stung with a little jealousy, but still smiling, nonetheless. “I’d love to see your play!” Could that be a thing? Or was it a club exclusive kind of play?

She nodded, because she had the exact same thing going on for her. “I’m glad you’ve spent time with your brother! My sister is also home for the summer, too, so we’ve been spending loads of time together.” Maybe not as much as she was letting on but anything was better than nothing. “Not a lot, I’ve been here all this week...” pretty much… “I’ve also been learning how to play the guitar, and been to a few beaches.” Couldn’t ask more from a summer really, and bumping into her besties randomly like today made it even more perfect.
FWOOPERS were pretty. Lisa wanted a pink one. "Maybe we'll see a MAGENTA Fwooper! That'd be so cool!" she added loudly before realising that Pippa Weatherbee was already explaining things. OOPS! Lisa covered her mouth and became quiet, leaning in to hear her friend's whispers. She did GASP! when she saw the Jarvey and listened to it speak. A giggle escaped her lips. Jarvey's were funny and this one was funnier than what she expected. Maybe she ought to get V a jarvey to help her against mean people. And then maybe she could get Daniel one too so the Jarvey's could bicker instead of those two. "Imagine V and Daniel with Jarvey's in Muggle Studies. How funny would that be?" she giggled again. Hehehe. She'd pay to see that.

Lisa nodded when Remy mentioned that they were about to become SECOND YEARS. "It'll be nice not to be treated so much so like babies... but I'll miss the free help. Do you think older students help second years as much as first years?" she genuinely asked her friend. It may be a good fact to keep in mind of when and how to selectively ask for help. She was certain that Claudine would help her again because she was Claudine. And same thing went for Noah Mordaunt. Honestly all the older kids were fairly nice.

The Ravenclaw did pick up on Remy's strange facial expression. Lisa couldn't tell what emotion she wore on her face exactly but it wasn't super happy.... or so she interpreted it that way. She beamed when Remy said Chip was her favourite. "Much better than Belle, huh?" she added, feeling much happier about her role. Her dream role was to play either Belle or Lumiere. Because Lumiere was fun but Belle was pretty cool too but she'd have to be taller and prettier to be here.... She got excited again when Remy said she wanted to see her play. "You should come! It's in two weeks. AND we have more auditions so you should audition for the next show too. It'd be fun to do it together." She would have LOVED to have her friend in rehearsals now but if Remy auditioned for the NEXT SHOW then they could be STARS together.

Ohhh her sister was home too? "Nice! That must be loads of fun. How old is your sister again? Is she at Uni?" she asked, tilting her head to the side. She was having trouble recalling Remy's sister in her mind and thus wanted to clarify. SHE THEN GASPED - not at the jarvey - but at the fact Remy was learning how to play guitar. THAT WAS SO COOL. Lisa thought that was the coolest thing EVER. "REMY! That's awesome. I wanna hear you play. What song are you learning? Can I make song requests when we're back at school?" she asked.

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