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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Being the active person that Lia normally was or had been at one time? Whatever, really. Now her level of hyper activity really depended on the day, mood and the situation. Right now she was attempting to dial things back, simply bouncing on the balls of her feet and humming under her breath as she kept an eye out for any signs of Evan. Which wasn't the easiest task when she kinda short and the crowd of people began to grow.

Luckily for her, Evan didn't seem to have issues locating her. She spotted him as he drew closer making his towards her through the crowd. Raising her hand she waved back at him to show that she saw him too. "Hi! I'm glad you made it!" Lia shook her head of long light brown hair, sending it flying all around her face. "You're not late at all. I've barely been here a few minutes." So there were no worries to be had.

She stood there with the brightest smile on his face despite his panting self just a few feet from her. He could take as long as he need to calm his breathing and compose himself, she was in no rush.. as long as he didn't take AGES.

"You're welcome! You're going to love it here! I already have our tickets and we can start anywhere you like." There was tons to see and do and they had alllllllll day.

The end of term and this summer had thus far blessed him with a bit of a growth spurt, which had made it possible for him to easily locate her. Sure he still wasn't close to Margaret's height, and who knew if he'd even keep growing, but at least crowd's were a little bit easier to navigate now and find people were he separated from them. Evan took a couple of deep, calming breaths before pulling himself to full height.

"Oh, thank goodness!" Good, she had not been waiting long. So at least he could wipe that worry away and not think about it for the rest of the day. And now that he'd taken those deep breaths, his face might have still been flushed but he at least wasn't looking as out of shape and could proceed with their exploration.

He was trying to not notice the bright smile, though he knew he was also matching it and bouncing a bit now too since no longer doubled over. "I have no doubt I will!" But in terms of starting wherever he wanted to? He had zero ideas what to actually expect, so instead he offered, "How about we start at your favorite exhibit and work our way from there?" Normal zoos usually had a loop or route that was fairly easy to see. So hopefully Scamander's wasn't going to be too different. "Shall we?"
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