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SPOILER!!: Lisa! <3
Originally Posted by Watson View Post
As Claudine moved closer to her, the little Ravenclaw’s smile grew bigger. It was nice to have someone offer to help you out especially if you weren’t too too sure of what came next. The instructions made sense but actually trying to defang the plant seemed a rather daunting task. She nodded at Claudine’s remark of the defanging not hurting the plant. Perhaps the Stunning spell of was a way of stopping the thing from hurting…. Did it feel pain or did the plant only thirst like it’s namesake?

She nodded again at the instruction before mimicking Claudine’s action with unfurling the plant and then gently removing the fang. Pluck! It came quicker than she had expected and she turned back to Claudine with a smile. “I did it!

As if by instinct, Claudine could sense that Lisa had questions concerning the plant. In any case, Ravenclaws quizzed almost everything, right? Not to mention there was Heath and the Ravenclawness about him which Claudine had grown accustomed to. Aloud she said, “I think you should ask Flamsteed all your questions before you leave today.’’

The girl stood back to watch Lisa do her thing. She couldn’t complain, the younger girl was definitely following the instructions. “You did! Well done!” Claudine beamed. “When you’re done, we should catch up with the professor.” Not that Claudine was in any hurry; she just wanted to make sure Lisa had gotten all the fangs out.
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