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SPOILER!!: Miss Flores
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Iliana nodded. It came as no real surprise to her that their greenhouse team would be watch by Forrest. He was after all the new head of their department so it made clear sense that he would keep an eye on them all. "Of course, Sir." He would find that when she was here within the greenhouses, her focus was only on her work and the plants.

Hm? Hearing mention of her name as well as the other workers, she turned towards her boss once more. "Will we all be called up for a group meeting of sorts?" Consider her already curious when it came to unknown plans that she would like to already know about.

A meeting did sound like the proper thing to do, didn’t it? And yet, it sounded so formal. In truth, he simply had a few things he wanted done around the greenhouses on top of their normal duties. “Sure. Just pop your head into my office at some point today or tomorrow and we can sort it out then.”

SPOILER!!: Mr Zunther
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
"Stella won't let you down in that aspect. By the time she is through talking to me, I'll know all there is to know about this here sapling." Oceanus nodded in reply to Forrest. That wasn't a lie either. He knew very well that once Stella started talking about something she loved, it was going to be difficult to get her to stop. It was one of the things he enjoyed about her, her passion.

Laughing a little, Forrest smiled at young Mr Zunther in a knowing way for it sounded like something he himself often did to Jules, his wife. Talking her ear off whenever he discovered a new crossbreed of a plant or whenever he something annoyed him in the garden.

Getting to know co-workers was always a fun thing for him to do and to hear what they were like from other co-workers, well, it was a different sort of insight and the planting of the tree and the little get-together had certainly given him the opportunity to do just that.

SPOILER!!: Miss Starson
Originally Posted by Granger Danger View Post
Stella nodded and smiled at Forrest, happy to be working with this little sapling that's going to be addee to the greenhouse family. " Thank you sir, I can't wait to work with this magnificent tree and watch it grow into some beautiful. " What made her more happier is the fact that she helped make it be the strong beautiful tree she knows it'll turn out to be. She knew with a lot of love and care, like all the other plants and trees in here, it'll be big healthy and beautiful in no time. Stella loved her job more then anything, it was one of her passions and she took it very seriously.

Looking at Ocean she smiled and nodded. "Oh... yes sir, he'll know all about this sapling and probably more, when I talk about something I'm passionate about it's hard to make me shut up I ramble on for hours." Chuckling to herself she remembered the hours she spent telling Ocean about the blue spruce trees they planted at Hogwarts. She was excited to start working on this little sapling that'll grow to be gravity resistant tree. She was so excited that she tried to hide her excitement but anyone who knew her knew that was impossible for her when she was around things she loved. She was practically like a little kid in a candy store, in awe in wonder and excitement, she was ready to get to work. "What can I do now sir?"She asked wanting to do what she can for this little sapling.

Knowing that his employees were just as passionate about their work as he was did fill him with confidence that his time there was going to be a success. It certainly made his life easier, that was for sure. The tree it seemed was in good hands.

“As I said to Iliana, just pop on in at your convenience today or tomorrow and we can sort the logistics out then. There’s no rush today.” Today was all about getting settled back in and getting to know each other for him at least so work could just wait.

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