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SPOILER!!: Dahlia
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Not only was she listening very intently to everyone else's answers but she was taking detailed notes. Most of what was being said she already knew but that meant nothing at all to her and didn't keep her from writing everything down. The more information she had on the subjects she enjoyed, the better.

Vampiric Vegetation. A plant Lia knew she wouldn't want in her garden at home. She loved all of the flowers and plants that she grew and didn't want some other plant harming them all. Baby plant or not.

Dahlia pulled on her dragon hide gloves, making sure they fit as they should. When it was her turn she carefully reached out to tap the pot of the plant. "Professor? Does this one have a name?" Of course she was asking about the plant. She was simply curious is all. Most of her plants and flowers had names. Turning her attention back to the baby Vampiric Vegetation she cautiously reached out again but this time in an attempt to possibly give the plant itself the tiniest gentlest of pokes.. if she could manage it.

It was AS IF the plant was READY, and pretending to be asleep. Because the moment her gentlest of pokes reached the plant, it opened wide and made a BITE for Dahlia's finger.


Trust Dahlia to ask a question like so. Amused, June shook her head, "not yet, Miss Donovan. But feel free to name him if you feel like it" Because naming was the least of her problems right now.

Originally Posted by Sunflower View Post
WHY was Lisa smiling at him?! What he said wasn't happy at all. The Devil's Snare deserved a cringe, or a gasp, or plain nothing, which was the reaction he gave everyone else. He did almost smile at the Gryffindor who voiced his exact thoughts about just not handling plants at all. He was Flamsteed's relative though, so he probably just said it to annoy her. Anyway ... by most competent wizards' standards, the Devil's Snare that he mentioned would be 'dangerous' but not too 'difficult to handle'. He made a mental note to make the distinction.

He pulled on his dragon-hide gloves, and his face paled when he heard the name of the baby plant. Vampiric Vegetation. UH, surely this was both super dangerous and super difficult to handle. It looked like even the professor didn't like this vampiric plant. He felt his gloved hands to check that they would be safe from the plant's fangs.

"Professor, do we just ... poke it?" he raised his hand to ask. Or were they to stun and defang this baby plant too?

"Mhm. Just poke. Wake it up!" June encouraged as she walked closer to Mr Young's work station.

SPOILER!!: Violet
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
At last! Violet had never wanted to do anything so much as to touch this "forbidden" plant before her. But after listening to Professor Flamsteed's instructions, she paused to put on her dragonhide gloves first. And actually--she decided to take her initial poke with a tool rather than her finger, out of an excess of caution.

Not her wand, though--no use courting disaster. So she pulled a pencil out of her pocket and took a gentle preliminary poke at her plant.

GENTLE poke would not do. Because this one was a sleeper, and just wiggled a but nothing else.

May take something more than just poking for this one to show it's teeth.

Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Awww, it was a baby!! Even though it had a demonic name, its age made it cuter. She was a little unsure about what Professor Flamsteed meant by give it a poke, but stunning and defanging sounded like great fun. although a little mean to the poor baby vampire.

After much consideration, Remy decided that baby or not, she was not going to just poke a plant named Vampiric Vegetation. Not with her fingers anyway, perhaps she would use her wand.

With her gloves pulled up high, Remy held her wand in her hand and pointed it in the direction of the plant, wiggling it around in front of it but hesitated before actually poking as if she was about to cause an explosion.

Maybe this wasn’t a good idea…


Leaves bursting open, the plant opened wide and went for her wand, missed, and then bit onto her text book. NOM NOM NOM.

SPOILER!!: Claudine
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Claudine could definitely make the clear separation of the two differences Flamsteed was trying to explain to them. Her attention went to the plant before her, eyeing it curiously. Not dangerous but difficult… interesting. Okay, so… gloves. Claudine grabbed her pair of dragonhide gloves and tugged them on.

Though her eyes remained fixed on the little plant, as though expecting it to bust out its fangs and sink them into her, Claudine listened to all of the woman’s words carefully. Stunning and defanging sounded okay but what did the poke do? Wake up the ‘sleeping’ plant?


Claudine did as was instructed and gave the plant a quick poke with her index finger.

Ready or not, the plant burst open and showed all it's teeth - very much ready to bite! Not holding back, it went to bite the girl's entire hand in one go.

SPOILER!!: Ashley
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Not all dangerous plants are difficult to handle and not all difficult-to-handle plants are dangerous. True, but vampire plants were both. Was the plant at her station going to drain her blood??? It better not. Ash sorta felt like ignoring the plant... but she let the professor have what she wanted. She poked the plant twice. Don't worry, she was wearing her gloves. Although it would have been fun to take the gloves off for research purposes. Maybe the plant would bite her whole hand off, and she'd have to be excused from a whole day of classes. A girl could hope.

She poked the plant again. Third time's the charm?




The plant was awaaake and ready to go. Baby teeth wide and wild, it went for the girl's finger. NOM NOM NOM.

SPOILER!!: Ivy[[QUOTE=AlwaysSnapesGirl;12501420
Okay, so the name of the plant was concerning, especially since Professor Flamsteed wanted them to poke it, least it was a baby one? And it was apparently more difficult than actually dangerous, based on what she said earlier, so this couldn't be too bad, yeah?

Still, Ivy was slipping her dragonhide gloves on for this. She liked her hands just as they were and didn't intend to risk a baby vampire plant taking out a finger or something.

Once her gloves were securely on, she slowly reached out and gave one of the leaves on the little plant a gentle poke.

SOOOOO gentle.

The plant just wiggled and kept on sleeping.

Don't be afraid, little one, come clooooser and pooooooke.

Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Max was… funny. And Lisa just liked to get a reaction out of him. It was a challenge that she had decided to take on ever since their first meeting in Diagon Alley. When he had finally smiled, it had brought her a lot of joy. However, each day was fit for a new challenge.

Atlas’ response brought a smile to her lips. She chuckled. Heh. He did have a point. If you weren’t a plant person, then any plant was difficult to handle cause you couldnt properly care for it. She rested her chin on her right hand as she listened to Professor Flamsteed talk more. Vampire Plants? Vampiric Vegetation the baby version? It wasn’t exactly cute…. She crinkled her nose at it and then stopped. Instead, she arched her eyebrows curiously as she explained that they would be poking it. Was that… dangerous? What if one cut themselves on the thorns? Oh…. That’s why they had dragonhide gloves. She quickly slipped on her dragon hide gloves after seeing Claudine do that. Could they have more personal protective equipment and gear to use? Safety glasses and more? She eyed the plant and then readied herself to poke it but stopped when she saw what Remy was doing.

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Remy with a wand attempting to poke said plant. She held her breath as she watched her friend poke it with the wand. Terrified, she was of what would happen.

Once Ivy and Ash poked their plants, Lisa became brave enough to give it ago after all there were plenty of testers who had done it and survived. As she poked it again, another thought crossed her mind so she raised her free hand. “Slightly dumb question… Are these plants attracted to blood? So if we cut ourselves on it do they need blood?” she asked. Lisa hadn’t read much about these plants just yet.

"Not a dumb question at all," June assured, walking over to Miss Nam's workstation. "But it is just a name. They like to bite. Other plants, to be more specific"

Wiggggling a bit, and then some more. The plant awoke and loooked as if it was stretching itself before suddenly bursting open wide - the baby teeth showing in full.

A moment later, ready or not, it naturally went for the girl's hand too.

SPOILER!!: Atlas
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Forget dragonhide gloves...Atlas could probably do with a dragonhide body suit. Difficult to handle plants? Probably should have included a helmet. Even Auntie June's supposedly friendly and docile creepers that were growing all over the apartment seemed to like taking their leafy frustrations on him. Give him a good whack from time to time. Of course he would whack back because it was rude to hit your house guests.

Anyway. Dragonhide gloves were being slipped on and he was TRYING to do his best to pay attention everything that his Herbology professor was saying. For his own sake, mostly.

But also...Vampiric Vegetation? That wasn't...alarming.

" just say defang?" the second year blurted out after tugging his gloves on snuggly. "Why are we doing that?" Not so much about the poking. Atlas was aaaaaaaaall for the poking and since he already had the quill in his hand and had been wafting the air around the plant itself...he was glad to finally be able to engage with the plant without any repercussions. He wasn't supposed to tickle sleeping dragons, apparently, but he could a sleeping vampiric plant. Cool. "Are they teething? Do they need help growing teeth? are we pulling out their baby teeth? Is it like removing wisdom teeth? Are the teeth useful after we take them out? Other than being some calcium for the compost?"

Just to tack some more questions on top of the ones Lisa already asked.

Lots of questions and little attention on the plant itself as he traced the air much closer to the Vampiric Vegetation with his quill and tickled it along the stem.

Why was June not surprised?

"We are doing this so they don't use their teeth on other plants" June replied, eying the quill he was wafting so easily around the plant. That might not ... end well.

And she was right.

Lo, and behold, the plant wafted right back at the quill. Only a bit more sharply and swiftly.

In one quick bite, it took ALL of Atlas' quill and then aimed for his hand!

SPOILER!!: Serena
Originally Posted by Deezerz View Post
Serena suited up with her faux dragon hide gloves her dad had made especially for her. The thought of wearing REAL dragon hide made Serena's small heart ache.

Glancing up at the plant, she was on the border of poking the plant and not doing so. That was so annoying. If someone came to poke her, she'd bite them the first chance she had.

Something lingered in her mind, though, so she raised her hand. "You mentioned they have a mind of their own. Do these plants have brains?" she asked, motioning to her head for emphasis. "Like we do?" You know, all wrinkly and pink?

"Well......not really. See, plants have systems that function like nervous systems. Seeking to thrive and grow. This behaviour falls into that" June explained, nearing the girl's workstation.

"They know how to react. And your poke will activate just that; their reaction" she smiled softly at the girl. "Go on then, don't be afraid"

SPOILER!!: Heath
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
For the record, Heath had made the distinction between dangerous and difficult to handle, which was why he asked if a mandrake counted as difficult to handle. He blinked confusedly as the professor moved on. So was that a “no” to his question about using spells to silence a mandrake? Never mind… they were moving on. He listened, unsure whether to be intrigued or worried about a vampiric plant. At the moment it was slightly more the former, but that could change later. Wait, they were doing what now? If they were defanging the plant, he took that to mean its teeth served no essential purpose. Otherwise, it would be awfully mean to remove them! Come to think of it, was it called vampiric vegetation just because it had fangs like a vampire's, or did it actually feed on blood?

In any case, he wasn't taking any chances with it! He pulled on his dragon hide gloves, carefully inspecting them for any holes before he could even look at the plant, let alone poke it. He smiled to himself as he glanced at the baby plant. It was kind of cute… you know, for a plant with teeth. "Hello, baby plant," he whispered. He didn't know why he was talking to it! Maybe he was trying to distract it. Maybe he thought it would be less likely to bite when he poked it if it got used to his presence first.

Whatever the reason, he gingerly reached out a finger to poke the plant. That didn't hurt it, right? It was only a little poke.

Turns out, the boy was right. The gentle whisper comforted the little one enough to just wiggle a little -- before gingerly opening up to reveal it's teeth.

Nom nom?

Nipping at the boy's finger, it seemed the plant may be hinting at what was to come before opening wide to attempt at biting the boy's hand harder.

OOC: Great work, everybody! Next step is to stun and de-fang. So, carrry on the activity. June is walking around to help and more.

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