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Iliana nodded. It came as no real surprise to her that their greenhouse team would be watch by Forrest. He was after all the new head of their department so it made clear sense that he would keep an eye on them all. "Of course, Sir." He would find that when she was here within the greenhouses, her focus was only on her work and the plants.

Hm? Hearing mention of her name as well as the other workers, she turned towards her boss once more. "Will we all be called up for a group meeting of sorts?" Consider her already curious when it came to unknown plans that she would like to already know about.


"Stella won't let you down in that aspect. By the time she is through talking to me, I'll know all there is to know about this here sapling." Oceanus nodded in reply to Forrest. That wasn't a lie either. He knew very well that once Stella started talking about something she loved, it was going to be difficult to get her to stop. It was one of the things he enjoyed about her, her passion.
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