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Was everyone always this formal at the Ministry? Gunnar had thought it respectful to use titles for the department heads when he addressed them, but it felt super weird and honestly kind of impersonal when they did it back to him and his coworkers. But maybe it was just something he had to get used to as a professional working man.

The twenty-two year old nodded at the DERP department head to confirm his name, then added, "It's Gunnar." But... several things he could do? It wasn't in his job description to decipher riddles from other department heads, so he simply nodded when the older man mentioned watering. "I'll leave that to your employees then." He, too, knew the detriments of overwatering so he could simply observe if his help wasn't needed.

"Yes, Mrs. Bagnold, thank you," Gunnar nodded as his boss asked him if he was settling in well. He was enjoying his job and even if there was a bit of a learning curve, he thought he was handling that quite well. And he was going to keep using her formal title until she told him otherwise because she was his supervisor after all.

Figuring if they needed his assistance, they would ask now that he'd offered, Gunnar again turned his eyes towards the sapling and just watched it a moment. It was too bad he didn't have a camera with him, but he'd have to remember to bring one tomorrow so he could snap a picture for his dad. He glanced over at his coworker, Darej. "Ever seen one of these before?"
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