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SPOILER!!: Mr Parker
Originally Posted by Mugglemad View Post
"Yes this is my first day in the greenhouses, hi my name is Alexander Parker but feel free to just call me Alex" he told Aurora with a smile, he was glad that everyone was friendly in this department.

He nodded at his head of department and then he looked round the greenhouse and wondered where should he start.

“Don’t you worry Mr Parker. I know fully well who you are my dear boy. I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t now, would I?” a cheeky smile spreading across his face now as he patted the younger man on the shoulder in a friendly manor. He wondered if he had been so green when he’d first arrived at the Ministry all those years ago? So young and full of ideas. So eager to get to work. “Don’t worry, I’ll put you to work shortly. I’ve got a few plans for the Greenhouse that I’d love to talk over with yourself, Miss Flores and Miss Starson,” gesturing now to the two other Greenhouse caretakers amongst the crowd.

SPOILER!!: Miss Flores
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
The young women's smile only grew at seeing how excited her boss was getting to be talking about this little sapling. And how could it not, when he was putting his confidence in them all to help care for it? This here was something special. A momentous moment that she was going to remember for years and years to come. "We will not let you down, Sir." The task was more than easy enough.

"I'm doing well this morning, ma'am thank you for asking," Iliana smiled politely at Aurora. "No, I haven't. This is my first time seeing one in person."

Her full attention was returned back to Forrest as he began speak this time to them all. Yes, history was indeed being made right before their very eyes. Someday that tiny sapling would be a gorgeous tree.

“I’m sure you won’t Miss Flores. I expect the best from my Greenhouse caretaker you know so I’ll be watching carefully,” a fatherly smile across his face now as he looked back at not only her but the rest of his employees. He really did see the department as his family and part of his job being to care for the people there too as well as the plants.

SPOILER!!: Mr Zunther
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
"Yes, every last one have been caught. She can safely return to her home now without any worries," Ocean declared with a proud smile directed at Aurora. It wasn't one of the toughest cases he had been on but every job was given his all no matter what the creature was. Big or small, dangerous or not, it was his job to remove them safely.

Ocean had to stifle a small chuckle at Forrest's comment about 'letting him get back to walking crups'. If that's all the older gentleman thought he did, he was sadly mistaken but that was alright. It happened. Honestly he didn't know what everyone did in each department either. "It's quite alright, Sir, I have a few moments to spare to see what is taking place before us all." That being the sapling obviously. "I just might do that. She can be very convincing when she starts talking about things she loves." He knew Stella was going to tell him everything she knew about this tree.

"I know, Stell, I've heard of it before." Most likely from her. "You can tell me all about it later, hm?" Right now he knew they both had work to do and he didn't want to keep either of them from doing their jobs.

The small chuckle that he got from the Zunther boy amused him just as he had intended his little job to amuse the boy. He truly wasn’t all that aware of what they did over on the other side of Level Four and if truth be told. He had enough going on as it was. He did however know enough to know that they didn’t just walk crups. “I’m glad Mr Zunther. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Not if Miss Starson is talking to you about it in any case. I feel as though I might bore you,” just as long as it wasn’t during her working hours of course. He was sure she had enough to be getting on with as it was.

SPOILER!!: Mr Coleman
Originally Posted by Sunflower View Post
Carson had been hesitant to go see the new gravity-resistant tree. Of course, he had nothing against the new tree nor the environmental department, but he honestly did not care. And he had failed his Herbology NEWT, so he was afraid of being in a greenhouse for the first time since the traumatising practical exam.

Still, he was here on time, because he liked to show support for his level four colleagues. After greeting the department heads and some of the employees he knew, the personal assistant waited quietly for the event to begin. The moment of history, to quote Forrest. Carson paid attention to the older wizard when he started his speech. Hmmm ... he doubted that he would ever mention this tree to his children and grandchildren, but he could be wrong. Perhaps this really was a very important magical event. Slightly more interested than before, he stepped closer to the sapling as instructed.

"Shall we join you in the watering, sir?" he asked the department head as he also took out his wand. Didn't he mention a watering crew earlier?

As the speech ended and Forrest strode back into the crowd a little more to mind, he noticed another young man (Carson) whom he’d missed or was he simply a late arrival? He wasn’t quite sure but it mattered not. He hadn’t missed the tree. Indeed, it would be there for all to see for generations and generations. With a smile and a look of understanding, Forrest laughed a little before replying “Would you like to be part of the watering team? I only really considered offering it to those in my department because well…I wasn’t sure if there would be others who would want to take on the responsibility but as long as Aurora is okay with it, I don’t see why not?” his eyes briefly moving back to Aurora for a moment. Was he only offering to water the plant now? Oops. The offer was out there now.
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