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Carson had been hesitant to go see the new gravity-resistant tree. Of course, he had nothing against the new tree nor the environmental department, but he honestly did not care. And he had failed his Herbology NEWT, so he was afraid of being in a greenhouse for the first time since the traumatising practical exam.

Still, he was here on time, because he liked to show support for his level four colleagues. After greeting the department heads and some of the employees he knew, the personal assistant waited quietly for the event to begin. The moment of history, to quote Forrest. Carson paid attention to the older wizard when he started his speech. Hmmm ... he doubted that he would ever mention this tree to his children and grandchildren, but he could be wrong. Perhaps this really was a very important magical event. Slightly more interested than before, he stepped closer to the sapling as instructed.

"Shall we join you in the watering, sir?" he asked the department head as he also took out his wand. Didn't he mention a watering crew earlier?
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