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Normally Oceanus steered clear of the greenhouses unless told otherwise by his boss. It wasn't part of his job description to be near them and should anything happen within them, he wasn't going to be blamed for it. However today was one of those occasions were he was invited to see a rarity within the greenhouses that didn't came all too often. There was a gravity resistant tree and wanted to see with his own eyes rather than hear all about from the mouths of others later.

Stepping into the greenhouse, he made sure the door was closed behind him. "Good morning, Mrs. Bagnold," he greeted his boss, "Mr. Roberts." His eyes shifted to the others standing around and he gave them all a nod in greeting as well. The only other one from his department seemed to be Gunnar, where was everyone else? As for the DERP employees the only one he didn't currently know was the guy. He would make a point to introduce himself at another time.

Walking over to check out the tree.. er sapling? Ocean stood beside Stella. "So how many hours am I going to have to listen to you tell me all about this tree?" he teased playfully by of greeting. He gave her a sideways glance and a smile to show he was only joking.


Iliana smiled warmly at Mr. Roberts inviting attitude and kind words. "I would be very happy to help look after the tree anyway that I can." It was not only a part of her job to look after the plants and things here in the greenhouses but it was what she enjoyed doing as well. "That's perfectly fine. I'm sure we all can handle that." A very simple charm that she would have no trouble at all with.

"It's going to be a sight to be seen." Over many many many years. Iliana offered a light smile to the others that came into the greenhouse after her.
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