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As one of the greenhouse caretakers here at the Ministry on this lovely level Stella knew a lot about the plants in here, but this one was going to be one of her favorites one here in the greenhouse. After hearing the news of course there was no way she was going to miss this opportunity to see it in person, it's a magnificent tree. She heard and read all about this tree, but to really see it in person was something else, and she gotten the chance to take care of it along with Iliana and Alex she beyond excited. It was so beautiful and magnificent looking she hoped Ocean was able to see it growing and coming to life!

Standing beside her boss she smiled happily. "Wow... I only read about them in books, but seeing it in person is amazing!" She loved plants and creatures so this was the perfect level for her to be on, like level four was her floor here at the ministry. "Look at it floating and it's beautiful leaves, going to be a big magnificent tree I read the can get up to 426 feet tall sometimes taller then that!" Looking at the tree in awe some smiled happily. Ooh... I can't wait to see how big this beauty will grow, with alot of care and loving it'll be big in no time at all I guarantee it." Now where were her other fellow co workers to see this, surely they didn't want to miss something as extraordinary as this.
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