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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
It was a hard question that Schmoe was asking. Ash, to be honest, did not expect anyone to support her in anything. She kinda just thought she’d have to do it alone... so she took a long sip of cocoa while she thought. “Keep being Schmoe. Like, keep trying to fix the tech lounge. I can help with that. And also try to be you. Not like gloomy after-the-war Schmoe, but regular Schmoe who wears bold outfits and carries around muggle stuff and spills drinks.” She had changed. Everyone changed. She didn’t want Schmoe to change very much. Ash wanted to preserve the happiness of anyone who still had any left.
Schmoe tried to sip his tea, but it was far too hot to drink at the moment. YiKeS. As it were, he gave Ms. Fox his undivided attention, ready to take note of what she said and put it into action. Though, er, her answer was, er, it was surprisingly, actually.

And very touching. Finneas offered her a small smile, shifting around in his seat. "Duly noted, Ms. Fox." And in true Schmoe fashion, he punctuated it with a salute. "I'll, er, I'll certainly do my best to keep being Schmoe." Not the after-the-war one, though that would be difficult to shake. He would try though, especially if it could be of any help to Ashley.

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