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Norman roamed the room as the students worked, monitoring their progress. As his blue-green eyes swept the room, he saw Mordrake’s successful transformations and nodded approvingly. A small smile played at his lips as he overheard him talking to the dragons. “Excellent transformations, Mr. Mordrake,” he said. Elsewhere, he saw Jenovick having similar successes, and her efforts earned a beam from the professor. “You too, Miss Jenovick. Great work!”

He paused to observe Blaze’s work for a minute, ready to offer advice if she needed it, but she was doing well on her own. There were already three Swedish Short Snouts on her desk. Between her work and the sweet way she spoke to the dragons, her efforts got a smile from him. “Very good, Miss Blaze!” he said.

As he continued his rounds around the room, Norman noticed Adara-Stark and Blackthorne still writing. He gave them each an encouraging nod but said nothing so as not to break their concentration. He overheard Balthazar-Dos Santos and Nam practicing the incantation and gave both girls an approving nod. “Nice pronunciation, Miss Balthazar-Dos Santos. You too, Miss Nam.” As to Nam’s question, he replied, “No, the temperature doesn’t impact the transfiguration formula. This ice has been charmed not to melt, but if that were to happen, generally speaking, the thicker the liquid, the more difficult it is to transfigure.”

Elsewhere he saw Donovan’s hand in the air. Wow, that was a lot of questions! Not that he minded, of course. Curiosity was a good thing. “Yes, although the dragons will always be small, what they look like beyond that is up to the caster,” he said, “They’ll last until either someone changes them back or they encounter something that would realistically kill a small dragon, like starvation or a well-aimed spell. As for movement, they’ll move on their own unless specifically directed by the caster to do something.” Did that answer her questions?

As he made his way back to the front, Norman checked his watch and saw it was time to move on. “Eyes here, please!” He addressed the class, allowing a few moments for them to find a stopping place and turn their attention to him. “Now that we’ve compared the ways different materials impact the transformation process, we’re going to conduct another experiment to compare the way objects transformed from different materials behave. In a few moments, you’ll have each of your dragons run the maze, but first, you’ll need to predict which dragon will finish the maze the fastest. Go ahead, do that now, and write it down.”

After allowing some time for the students to write, he continued, “Once you have your prediction, come up front and get a stopwatch to time your dragons.” He placed a box on top of his desk and pulled out one of the stopwatches, holding it up for the class to see. “These are pretty straightforward. Push the left button to start and the right one to stop.” He demonstrated by timing ten seconds on the stopwatch. “When it’s your turn, place your first dragon at the start of the maze here-” He gestured to an opening in the maze at the front of the room. “Time them with the stopwatches, and observe them along the way. There will be obstacles along the way, so pay attention to how the dragons react to them. When the dragon finishes, write down their time, as well as anything you noticed about their behavior in the maze. Repeat the process for your other two dragons; then compare your results with your original prediction. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to transfigure all three dragons. In that case, partner with someone else. The important thing is that you have one dragon from each type of material between you. YOu have the rest of class to do this activity, starting now!”

OOC: Main activity time! For this activity, your student needs to do the following:

1. Predict which dragon will finish the maze fastest and write it down.
2. Collect a stopwatch.
3. Place their dragon at the start of the maze (You do not have to wait to do this. Just play as if it’s your student’s turn.)
4. Time the dragon using the stopwatch, and observe their behavior in the maze.
5. Write down those observations, as well as the dragon’s time.
6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the other two types of dragons.
7. Compare their findings to the original prediction.

Group/partner work is allowed, as is rping for the dragons. Please be aware that there are obstacles in the maze, and I’ll be posting periodically to throw some curveballs at your dragons. Catchup is still allowed. Feel free to PM/VM me if you have any questions. You’ll have until 11:59 PM EDT June 25 for this activity.
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