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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
“That’s nice of you to say. I don’t think of you as terrible either.” True. Emmerson would probably throw a fit if she found out that Kizzy had said that Ash wasn’t a terrible person. Oops.

“I don’t say stuff just to hurt you. Only terrible people would do that. And you just said I’m not terrible.” Logic. “Is that what makes you feel bad about me? That I think nobody likes me?” She smiled, still turned away. “That’s... sweet. Like actually the nicest thing I’ve heard all day.” No really. Kinsay James, feeling bad about Ashley Fox hating on herself? She really was... something. She was something.

“Anyway, Kizzy, I believe you have some posters to hang up far away from me.” She looked over her shoulder one single time. Would Kizzy stay and feel bad, or leave and feel bad? Because Kizzy always seemed to feel bad about something... like, all the time. Relatable.
.... "Thanks," she replied quietly. Sometimes Kinsay thought she was a terrible person, especially after the stuff with Emm last year and then the thing with Benjee this year. She really didn't want to be terrible. It just. It sort of just happened.

Once again, Ashley left Kins feeling some sort of way she didn't know how to understand in entirety. But, yes. Ashley kind of hit the nail on its head. Ash thinking so lowly of herself was one of the big things that made Kins feel all the horrible ways. A lot of it having to do with the worry that she was contributing to the way Ash felt about herself. It was a terribly guilty way to think. But not knowing how to reply, Kiz stayed quiet. She was thankful that the Ravenclaw had turned away because it would've been weird to look at her right now. Maybe.

"Um. Yeah," she nodded, clutching the posters close to her chest before starting to walk off. "See you." Had Ash called her Kizzy? Because only friends could call her Kizzy and if Emm heard Ashley calling her Kizzy, then Kinsay would be dead. Probably.


This was too much. She needed to leave. So that's what she did.
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