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"Hey!" Lia frowned a bit at Atlas and the now crumbled strawberry bread that was in her hand. "What was that for?" Did he not know this was her favorite kind he had just mashed up on her and nearly knocked right out of her hand? The bread was yummy and warm and it made her happy when she ate some. What was so wrong with being happy? Seriously she was going to have to have a talk with him after class or something and find out what his problem was.

Anyhow, trying to keep the mess of crumbs only on her own desk, Lia returned to taking notes once again. Lots of notes. And that's right.. Transfiguration NOT Charms class. She really appreciated that Carton answered her question anyhow and gave him a very thankful smile for that, nodding her head in understanding.

Leaf - I think with it's size and how it's the lightest of the three items it will be the easiest.

Ice Cube - This might be harder than the leaf but not as difficult as the rock. It's solid and heavy but not the heaviest of the three.

Rock - Most difficult as it's the heaviest and completely solid.
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