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SPOILER!!: Individual replies ^_^
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Fiona entered the warm classroom and flashed Professor Carton a smile. "Good afternoon, Professor." The layout of the classroom had certainly sparked some curiosity within her. As she sat down at one of the desks, Fiona observed the three items on the desk as she waited for more students to arrive and the lesson to officially begin.
Norman's blue-green eyes flicked to the door. He hadn't been watching long when Jenovick arrived. "Good afternoon, Miss Jenovick," he replied, returning her smile with one of his own.

Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash did not like how toasty it was in here. She was fine with the cold. But whatever.

Ash did not like what she thought was going to happen. Making animals run mazes was mean. But whatever.

Ash did not like Hogwarts very much. She wished she could just go home. But whatever.

She took her seat, not next to Fiona. "Hi- Professor Carton." Look at how respectful she was. She even remembered to call him professor. Respect.
As Norman was not a legilimens, he didn't know the causes of Fox's displeasure. He did, however, sense that the girl seemed a bit… down, but he wasn't one to pry. He was a firm believer in letting people process their feelings on their own. Nonetheless, he replied politely to her greeting, "Hello, Miss Fox."

Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Dahlia entered the Transfiguration classroom and noticed two things right away. One the very large wooden maze sat in the middle of the room. Cause well.. seriously. How could she NOT see that? The second thing she realized right away was how nice and warm it was in the room. It was so comforLtable that she didn't even need the warming charms she had placed upon herself.

"Good afternoon, Professor Carton," she greeted him with a warm smile as she took a seat at an empty desk. Seeing the items on the desk, she looked at the board and sighed. Of course they weren't supposed to touch anything. Didn't the professors know that telling the NOT to touch things only made them want to touch the items even more?
Donovan's smile got an equally warm one in return. "Good afternoon, Miss Donovan," Norman replied, his eyes following her to her seat. The sigh got a slight eyebrow raise from him, but at a loss as to what brought it on, he chose not to react to it.

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Did Professor Carton know that warm classrooms made Kinsay James all sorts of sleepy? Because they did and she would be yawning for the entire duration of class. Not on purpose, but-

Entering the classroom, she maneuvered her way around the maze to sit at a desk near Lia. "Hi," she turned, greeting the second year, before looking back up at the front of the classroom. Despite all the exhaustion, she sat leaning forward with her feet on her chair. Sitting improperly was the Kinsay way. As was asking about things that made her all sorts of curious. This time, the maze wasn't one of those things. "Hi, Professor. Where's the bread?" Healer Poppy said classes would have bread, so Kiz made sure to save extra room even though they had just come from lunch.
Actually no, Norman had no idea that warm classrooms made the younger James girl sleepy. He just didn't want the students to be too cold to pay attention. He quickly noticed the girl's… unique way of sitting,* but he wasn't fussed about it as long as she didn't put her feet on anyone else's chair. "Hello, Miss James," he replied.

Oh, right. Bread. Norman had hoped the students would either forget about it or be too full from lunch to want it. Still feeling slightly sour at Healer Poppy undermining his classroom rules, he produced a basket of bread hidden behind his desk and placed it atop his desk for James and the other students to take.

Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post
Darius walked into the Transfiguration classroom, "Good day, Professor." He greeted before noticing immediately the change in the room. It was practically a maze here, but he couldn't imagine himself fitting through it.... unless, he had to be shrunk down to the appropriate size. That wouldn't be it, would it?

His eyes remained on the leaf, stone, and ice cube after reading the board that forbid him from touching it.
Norman nodded in polite acknowledgment as Potter arrived. "Good day, Mr. Potter," he greeted. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the boy eying the three items on his desk. That was fine, good even. The students were free to look at the items as much as they pleased, just as long as they didn't touch them.

Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Well, Nem was here. Present and correct. Ready and willing to learn from the Milk Monitor. Or something.

As was now their tendency, in all lessons, with all professors, Nem didn't say a word when they entered the classroom, in greeting or otherwise. They stepped inside, dropped into the first desk available at the edge of the room - right by the door - and just sat there, still and silent, looking across the room at nothing in particular while they waited. If the items, or the maze, or the message on the board elicited any kind of reaction, it wasn't a discernible one.
Norman was neither surprised nor fussed by Upstead's lack of a greeting or any visible reaction. On the contrary, he'd come to expect as much, but silence never stopped him from acknowledging a student. "Good afternoon, Mr. Upstead," he greeted, watching impassively as the Slytherin took a seat.

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Nice maze.

They were the first words in Claudine’s mind the moment she stepped into the classroom. Naturally her curiosity was at its highest. And what exactly did a maze have to do with those three items? The girl could think of anything linking them at the moment. Carton would tell them eventually anyway.

“Hi, Professor,’’ she greeted, and giving the man a smile. Moving into the room further, the Snakette sent a wave to Fiona and Ashley. “Try to resist temptation, Darius.” Yes, she saw you eyeing those items.
Norman smiled back at Blaze. "Hello, Miss Blaze," he replied. His eyes followed her to her seat, watching her wave and converse with other students. Looked like someone was in a social mood today!

Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Violet was in a fairly good mood today--she'd enjoyed the holidays this year, for a change, and she liked the cold winter weather. She'd also come to enjoy Transfiguration the past year, and no one had tried to make her eat any bread so far today (Violet wasn't against bread per se, but anytime anyone tried to pressure her into do doing anything, that just made her resist doing it, on principle.)

"Good morning, Professor Carton," she said as she entered and looked for a seat. She saw some students she knew there already--Claudine, Ashley, and some others, so she smiled and nodded to them (there, that wasn't so hard, was it?)

Upon sitting down, she took note of the three objects on the desk--she pushed down a sudden and strong desire to touch the ice cube (which was obviously magical, since it wasn't melting)--and also the maze. Look at the size of that thing--either the students or the maze were going to get some transfiguring done on them before the class was done, Violet was pretty certain.
Norman acknowledged Blackthorne's arrival with a polite nod. "Good afternoon, Miss Blackthorne," he replied. As he watched her take a seat, he could see her noting the maze and the objects on her desk. Good, good. It was only natural to be curious.

Originally Posted by Deezerz View Post
Transfiguration wasn't her favorite of all subjects, but she was here. Serena eyed the classroom as she entered and wondered about the maze. For a slight moment she wondered if they were going to shrink themselves and solve the maze, but that was mostly a potions thing, no? Or was shrinking someone's size considered transfiguration?


Making her way deeper into the classroom, she greeted the professor with a polite nod and then claimed the seat beside Ashley, the free one. Ashley was cool. "Hi," she greeted. Were they friends yet?
Balthazar-Dos Santos's polite nod was immediately noticed and returned in kind by the Professor. "Good afternoon, Miss Balthazar-Dos Santos," Norman greeted, watching the girl make her way to a seat.

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
You know that test where you left a kid in a room with a single marshmallow and told them if they did not eat it they could get two? The Stanford marshmallow experiment. Atlas always passed that with flying colors.

Know what test he did not pass? Anything that involved pushing a button, whether figuratively or literally and even then it was not always intention. The items on his desk were really just all giant buttons ASKING to be pushed.

Idly taking a spot beside Dahlia, Atlas smiled up at the Transfiguration professor and offered a chipper kind of 'hello' before settling into his seat. And then he was staring at the three buttons on the desk.

"Now...when he says not to touch..." he muttered under his breath to the Ravenclaw while wiggling his fingers. "Do you think that also includes licking?" Technically, the answer was yes. It was physical contact with another object and therefore constituted as touching.

But Atlas really wanted to lick the ice cube. Did enchanted ice taste the same as regular ice? If he licked it...would it still melt against his tongue? These were clearly pressing questions that required answers...and so Atlas folded his arms over the surface of the desk and set his chin on the back of his hands. Inching closer and closer, enough so that his eyes crossed while looking at the ice cube, the Gryffindor...uh...Gryffindor'd and sloooooooowly began to creep his tongue out towards it to give it just the sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiightest of little pokes.

Really, the only way to ensure a room full of magical teenagers were not going to touch a thing was to not give them the things.
Flamsteed's chipper hello got a reply in kind from Norman. "Hello, Mr. Flamsteed," he greeted. He didn't hear the words the boy muttered, but he did happen to look that way just in time to see him - what was he doing? Was he licking the ice cube? He shook his head, unsure whether to be annoyed or amused (though leaning more toward the latter). "Please don't lick the ice cubes," he said, more in the tone of a polite request than a reprimand.

Norman checked his watch. At exactly 1:00 on the dot, he closed the door with a flick of his wand and addressed the class, "Good afternoon, everyone!" He was about to launch straight into the lesson, but the wafting smell of baked goods reminded him of the basket of bread on his desk and Healer Poppy's ridiculous rule. "If anyone wants bread, come up and get it now before we begin. And please don't make a mess with it!"*

Poppy may have undermined his "no eating in class" rule, but he would not have his lessons disrupted by students coming and going from the front while he was teaching! Anyway…

After allowing a few minutes for the students to take their fill of the bread, he continued, "Right, let's get started then. Transformation spells - some of them are meant to be used only on a specific object. For example, the Bowling Ball to Balloon spell wouldn't have the same results if you tried to use it on a baseball instead. Other transformation spells can be used on a variety of objects, like Vera Verto. That spell turns small animals into water goblets, but there's room for variation in the type of animal. You could use that same spell on a mouse, a frog, and a canary, and you'd wind up with a goblet each time, provided you've cast it correctly."

He paused to allow time for the students to absorb that information before he asked the first question, "So which do you think is more useful: a transformation spell meant for a specific object or one that works on a variety of things? Why?"

OOC: Class has officially started! Feel free to join in any time. Just post as if your charrie has been here the whole time, unless you want IC consequences for a late arrival. We'll move on in 24-28 hours.
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