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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
hi ern

I fell very behind, but now I have SO MANY PRETTY PAINTINGS to look at. once again, ya girly is weeping.

OKAY i literally have no idea how you managed to work in so many details for the Germany piece, but the longer I sit here and look at it, the more details stick out. Iím blown away by this one in particular. Georgia is so sereeeeeene the way youíve painted such a beautiful landscape makes me feel all the ways, ern. AND THE GREENERY IN THE GAMBIA ONE. Iím such a big fan of your leafy greens.

I love how vibrant and FULL the blue is for Greece and the little pink building in the Greneda one is so cute and FULL OF DETAIL. I think my favorite part of this one is the tower/arched structure in the background. The way you do perspective (is that what this is called??) is amazing. Okay wait also. I love the background colors in the Ghana painting and the little splash of red there too. Ugh. The colors just work so nicely together and the way you incorporate shadows. The level of detail is just *chefs kiss*

I donít know what I was expecting when I opened the next three Gís but iím so excited about all the COLOR!!! The little flags in the Guinea one and then GREEN TREEEEEEEEES in Guinea-Bissau. You add so much life to these trees. i love the trees. BUT THE GOLDEN BEAUTY OF ANTIGUA. With its vibrant blue sky and that bright red awning (okay, upon searching the word Ďawningí, I realize this is not the correct word but Iím drawing a blank) (does this qualify as a roof?) (iím really not sure but THE COLORS).

I lied, there is one more G and it is Guyana! THE LINE details in this one have me burstiní with excitement and actually ern. all three of these ones are such a testament to your incredible patience and work with detail. The trees in the Honduras one with the intricate details in the stone. Ugh. love.

I just opened Hungary and once again I am going to comment on how much I love your trees and bushes and GREEN things. You work so many different colors into the GREENS it makes my heart so happy. Iceland is a beautiful, cold looking place but it also looks warm and welcoming. Okay also. ;_; the Lotus Temple one makes me especially weepy. I think iíve already yelled about this one before so I will not yell about it now. shapes are so hard and yet you excel.

OKAY THE COLORS IN THE INDONESIA ONE LOOK LIKE A BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW AND I LOVE IT. hello i am back to yelling apparently. IRAAAAAAAN. This one also makes me especially weepy. Especially the shading. The shading in the two lower domes is so beautiful ern. Iraaaaaaq. I love the arches. Please continue with all the arches and domes. i love. Ireland is so peaceful. and in conclusion, I want to roll around in all that beautiful grass. SO MUCH GREEN. I LOVE.
hi bby. I don't know exactly how to respond when you look at weeks and weeks at a time. Just... please stop admiring my greenery, it is LITERALLY the least interesting part of my work. But it makes me so happy that you like the little trees.

Do I have to acknowledge everything you love? Man. I'm glad you like it when the colors are VIBRANT (although apparently that's not how you're supposed to do watercolors, which are supposed to be transparent and light but whatever) and the shadows, which I actually think are my favorite parts too. I love to go back in after I do the first round of colors and add the little dark spots and shadows and curves.

And she's talking about the green again.

Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
These are so beautiful, Ern. I'm glad you're keeping up with them because I love popping in here to look at 'em.
KEEP popping in. I miss you.

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