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Default Lower Level Lifts

Itís true, the rattle and clang of the lift as it goes frontways, backways, sideways, and the good old fashioned up and down may be annoying. It may make you grind your teeth in a way that will make your dentist recommend you wear a retainer at night. At least you have those spirited elevator music renditions of show tunes playing in the background as you travel about the Ministry to keep you company?

Those traveling though the Ministry of Magic via the lifts or stairwells have now found themselves somewhere in the midst of the lower levels. Choose a number--seven, eight, or nine, and you'll be dropped off on the level of your choice!

The lifts, however, will only carry you down to level nine. The only access to level ten is via a stairwell coming from the corridor on level nine. If that's what you're looking for, though, you'll find it here.
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