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Default Healer & Care Station

Just outside the Ministry Daycare, there is a separate area that has been set up for the use of our healers hired by the Ministry. It's a gleaming room of cleanliness with white floors and walls, dark wooden furniture, and silver accents. Everything has been sanitized and disinfected...and most of the equipment is new. It has all been put in place for the safety and welfare of the children and all Ministry personnel. Bumps and bruises? Scraped knees? Upset tummies? We deal with it all here! Not a child? No worries! All employees are welcomed to come and be seen. Adult tummy aches and bruises are just as important to us as well as providing each employee with a annual check-up.

While the function of this station is set for primarily low grade injuries, the cherry red candlestick telephone has a direct link to St. Mungo's where healers are on-call for more serious and life threatening injuries.
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