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Default Decompression Chamber

Much like the rest of the Department of Mysteries itself, even the designated 'break room' is an oddity.

One may think they have entered a rock zen garden upon entering the Decompression Chamber, but as your feet walk upon the plush and bouncy floor these concerns begin to diminish. If the extra bounce to your step was not enough, then upon further inspection the discover that the 42 rocks are, in fact, pillows will certainly drill home the idea. There is not a hard surface in the room from floor to wall to ceiling, even the vending machine - FREE for all Ministry employees! - by the door is plush and squishy with packaged contents reminiscent of vintage muggle astronaut food - although you will only find ice cream in a variety of wizarding and muggle flavors here along with various drinks (hot coffee included). One need simply to press their Ministry badge to the scanner and input the number combination for the desired item and it will levitate from its place right out through the enchanted rubbery glass to you. Just be sure to take all trash with you when you leave.

To prevent any of the rock pillows from forming a rock golem and wrecking havoc on the department again, a special magical neutralizing spray has been provided in a spray bottle located on its own shelf beside the door. It is not-so-humbly requested that you spritz yourself as you enter and the pillows after use.

OOC: this is a PUBLIC thread. All Ministry employees and visitors are welcome to RP here.
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