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Nem didn't think it would take long before their attempt was blocked, though they'd have preferred more time unimpeded. They increased their efforts, but then suddenly abandoned the endeavour in favour of studying the Headsman at surface level. From his eyes, they looked to his hand, watched his flexing fingers intently, hunting down a sign of even the slightest tremble as he tended to his tea.

It didn't matter either way; Nem had wrested a victory from him, nobody could have denied it. Maybe they hadn't succeeded in peering inside, but they'd briefly edged ahead in the game, regained a little control, and forced a reaction. That was enough for them to proceed with confidence, even with the added rule.

They looked Trent in the eyes again. "I'm sorry." It sounded perfectly sincere. Just using the tools at their disposal. Tools taught by Rosier whilst he was wearing the very face they stared at now; easy to get confused, or something.

With how calm the Headsman was being, Nem was unsurprised, yet curious, when their actions led to nothing more than a reprimand and a threat, no orders to leave his office, no immediate detention or suspension, not even a hint of anger. All things considered, his composure and patience with them especially, this could be another imposter, but somehow Nem didn't think so. Still, he was more or less as composed with them as Lucien always had been, even claimed to like them - or rather 'not dislike' them - and hadn't that been what had ultimately confirmed Nem's suspicions about the Big Man? Approval and acceptance, from the individual wearing Malachi Trent's face?

"I suppose we do." And, just to be sure, they didn't even try to be subtle: "Do you remember that one kelpie lesson, sir? Who was it, again, that almost lost an arm?"

Understanding. That was what all this came down to. Again Nem touched the surface of their own tea, a gentle tap, tap, tap, as the ripples formed and smoothed out. Predictable. Simple cause and effect. They drank a drop of tea from their fingertip, then looked up again, ready.

Suddenly, politeness and warmth, which on its own might have sounded just as genuine as their apology. Potentially jarring, and deliberately so, after what had just transpired, as though nothing had transpired. A bewildering switch for the unprepared, a quick costume change, an entirely different persona. Pleasant conversation, that's what he wanted.

"So, anyway, will you please tell me what you mean? I'm just curious. Why do you think Lucien Rosier was such an attractive option?" Even if he lied, and Nem figured they'd see it, it might give some kind of indication of the truth. A statement didn't need to be true in order for it to reveal a wealth of information; it just required a little picking apart. "And how do you 'know'? And all this stuff about charades, what does that mean?" Coming in the midst of yet another charade, it could have been taunt, challenge, hint, or just another calculated move.

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