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Nem had a really nice smile. One of the nicest ones.

It helped Kinsay feel less terrible about her inability to perform even the simplest of spells. She usually felt really silly about this in front of other people, which is why she often refused to practice during class all together. It was her very practical solution to an otherwise difficult problem.

She leaned forward a little bit, peeking over the back of the armchair to get a better look at the cover of the book. "Metal-Charming. A Compendium," she read quietly, still looking at the title when Nem explained. "Is it interesting?" Though the question she really wanted to ask was regarding what he was working on. She could tell that might be incessant though and incessant was something Kinsay Cassandra James was trying really hard not to be.

And maybe she could ask about it while they practiced spells.
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