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SPOILER!!: Individual replies ^_^
Text Cut: O’Hanlan-Draven
Originally Posted by Imsosikk07 View Post

Letting this information sink in and take a few more mental notes as Professor Carton continued on with the lesson. Hearing his second question, Aibhi tried to think of what his question meant and gave it a little time in the class before raising her hand and says, "Professor, correct me if I am wrong, but there are four branches of Transfiguration, right? I think the four are Transformation, Untransfiguration, Vanishment, and Conjuration. Some creative ways you can use Transfiguration is that you can force an Animagus to revert back to their human form, can shoot arrows from the tip of your wand, conjure a bridge, vanish objects...just to name a few."

When Norman asked for an example of a creative use of transfiguration, he didn’t expect anyone to name an example for each branch of transfiguration. Nonetheless, O’Hanlan-Draven’s answer received a nod of approval. “All correct, Miss O’Hanlan-Draven,” he replied, meaning her examples and the branches of transfiguration. "Very good!"

[textcut= Gaeltheos]
Originally Posted by Emzily View Post

Remy gulped the candy down and nodded in response to the professor. She couldn't BELIEVE she just broke a classroom rule so carelessly. "Sorry, professor." She replied quietly. Remy peeked a glance over to Ollie, too.

To the question. Hmm... "There's human transfiguration, sir," Remy began. "It's possible to transfigure parts of yourself into animals... or even changing the colour of your hair." Not to be confused with a Metamorphmagus, of course. Remy would be interested in learning that when she was older, but she knew that it was quite dangerous magic.

Norman’s expression softened ever so slightly. He didn’t mean to scare Gaeltheos; just give a friendly (or as friendly as a battle-hardened ex-auror like him could be) reminder. “It’s okay,” he replied with a slight smile to show he wasn’t mad about the candy.

Ah, human transfiguration. He had lots of experience in that particular area. “Yes, there are many creative uses for human transfiguration,” he said, nodding. “Very good, Miss Gaeltheos.”

Text Cut: E. Nam
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
There were a lot of examples that sprang to mind for Evan for what could be done for a creative application for Transfiguration, but most of them did center around changing the color of an object which had already been covered, so he decided to think a little more. There was one spell that stood out to him that while he could not really think of a practical application, it was certainly creative. So he raised his hand and waited for his turn to be called open.

"Melofors strikes me as a creative transfiguration spell to use. Turning someone's head into a pumpkin would definitely be interesting, and it could even be used to create your own Halloween costume." Or maybe as a joke? Creativity points certainly should also go to the person who created the spell.

A small smile twitched at Norman’s lips as he listened to Nam’s answer. What a fitting example it was, both to the question and the day! “Yes, that would be a very creative use of transfiguration,” he agreed. Although Melofors didn’t technically turn one’s head into a pumpkin… but he might come back to that in a bit. “Thank you, Mr. Nam.”

Text Cut: Blaze
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

It sucked not being able to explain herself properly because what Carton was explaining about the application of Transfiguration was exactly what she had been trying to hint at. She actually got that frustrated at herself that Claudine actually felt tears sting her eyes. Darn this trait of her wanting to cry when she was frustrated.


Since Claudine had already provided an example before {well, two}, she needed to provide another. She cast her mind around for one, blinking furiously to get those tears out of her eyes. “There’s the mice to snuffbox spell where you picture a pretty snuffbox, you may be able to conjure the snuffbox you thought of if you did the spell correctly.”

Norman could sense a change in Blaze’s demeanor, but he had no idea what had caused it. Although mildly concerned, he didn’t draw any attention to it, instead focusing on her answer. He wondered what kind of snuffbox the girl would design if given the chance, but that was neither here nor there. “Yes, you could give it any design you want. Very good, Miss Blaze,” he replied.

Text Cut: Mordaunt
Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
Noah wasn't exactly the creative creative type of person, but if he needed to be resourceful especially in times wherein he needed to think on his feet, he definitely could. But creative was different in terms of being able to conjure something up, almost always physically, and to be honest, it wasn't really his go-to kind of magic. He'd rather work on what's already on hand, than think of something completely different out of thin air. Perhaps it had something to do with his practical nature. No nonsense kind of guy, really.

Perhaps, he could be creative, but not in the literal sense of the word. "How about in Duelling, professor? One can employ transfiguration or conjuration spells or both as an offence move." he said as he raised a hand after the last student spoke. "Like with Avifors, then applying the Oppugno jinx." it was something he'd do, for sure.

Here was another creative use of transfiguration that Norman was well familiar with! The sort of spells Mordaunt was talking about were his specialty in Dueling Club when he was at Ilvermorny. He nodded, smiling slightly. “Very good, Mr. Mordaunt,” he replied. “There’s always some element of creativity to dueling.”

Text Cut: Burke
Originally Posted by wednesday View Post
Oops. Ollie didn't mean to get Remy a comment of disapproval from the professor. It's Halloween! Shouldn't they be allowed to eat candy in class this one day out of the year? "Sorry" She whispered.

She waited for Remy to produce her answer before giving her own. "Yes! It's also creative because you could use it for, say, a play. Instead of sewing costumes together, you can transfigure one! That sure is a creative way to use transfiguration." She gave a nod at the end. Maybe that was something she could bring to the play when they put out the cast list. That might even earn them extra points in Transfiguration!

Norman didn’t know much about plays - he wasn’t the dramatic type - but he had had some experience tranfiguring costume. He’d done that very thing to create the one he was wearing. He gave Burke a nod of approval. “Yes, it certainly is. Very good, Miss Burke,” he said.

Text Cut: Rivers
Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Her huffing had drawn too much attention by the looks of Professor Carton's face. However she didn't really mind because you know what it was frustrating saying things couldn't be creative because it didn't feel out of the box enough for them. Ridiculous.

Listening to everyone give their options on creativity. "Could use it to scare your siblings?" You know not that she had ever done such a thing she would never do such a thing. Her eyes glanced over at the poor first year that was getting in trouble for having food. Poor thing, she had made that mistake once.... she'd tried to not make it a second time.

Rivers’s answer got a small smile from Norman. He could think of many ways that transfiguration could be used for that purpose. For a moment, he wondered if Rivers had any specific ideas, but he pushed his curiosity aside. “Yes, Miss Rivers,” he replied. “There are a lot of ways you could use transfiguration to scare someone. Good example.”

Text Cut: James
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Phoebe was pretty sure she had Kizzy's blood on her dress, and she fussed with the sparkley fabric for a while before returning her attention to the Professor's questions. Transfiguration was hard and didn't allow a lot of room for variation, but it was important, too.

"A transfiguration spell would direct the kind of change, but your imagination and intent would direct the details, right? So if I wanted to change my hair color, length, and texture, the spell would let me do it, but my imagination is required to decide that I want to go fully ginger and grow it out by 4 inches." Sounded pretty.

The elder James girl’s answer earned a nod of approval. “Yes, that’s correct on all counts,” Norman said. “Good example, Miss James.”

Text Cut: L. Nam
Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Professor Carton wanted an example now!??!


She paused, trying to think of an example. She quietly giggled at Evan's response, imagining him casting the spell on someone mean to make a joke out of it. Boy, she'd pay to see him do that. Melofors. She wrote the name of the spell down. She'd have to practice that later

Her eyes widened when a thought popped into her head. "Speaking of duelling like what Noah said, could you transform your opponent into a creature? Like a duck? Or a swan? But could you transform them into a duck with a top hat and a cane?"

That was creative, right? Right?

It was all Norman could do to stifle a laugh at the thought of transfiguring someone into a duck with a top hat and cane. Now that would be a creative use of transfiguration! “I don’t know about a duck with a cane and top hat, but there are many spells you could use to turn an opponent into a creature,” he replied. “Very good, Miss Nam.”

[textcut= Baltazar-Dos Santos]
Originally Posted by Deezerz View Post
It was her biiiiirthday so it was hard for the now TWELVE YEAR OLD to pay attention in class. Especially Transfiguration. She'd rather be soaring the skies or tending to mandrakes or for the best EVER subject, brewing potions. Alas, she was here and dreaming about birthday cake and all of the gifts she was bound to receive today.

Sigh. It was hard being a birthday girl.

Serena just about caught the question. After some thought she raised her hand. Was she right? Only Merlin knows. Meh. "A creative use could be transfiguring a family of mice into a set of fine dinnerware if you don't have any or yours got ruined, and your mean grandmum is coming to dinner. And if she's not impressed she'll disown you." Nod. Nod.

Not that it's happened to her. Her family was incredibly well off and they didn't need her grandmum's wealth. That and her grandmum ADORES her. Absolutely ADORES her. And they had many, many fine dinnerware that's either new or passed down from generations.

That happened to her uncle's neighbor.
Norman was following Baltazar-Dos Santos’s logic until the mention of the mean grandmother. Was that a purely hypothetical scenario or did she actually have a mean grandmother? Never mind, he had no idea, and now wasn’t the time to think about it. “Very good, Miss Baltazar-Dos Santos,” he said. “Transfiguration would come in handy in that case.”

Text Cut: Upstead
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Nem had plenty they could have said to Fox on the topic of evil, and good, and everything that was said to be in between, and the many things that existed outside of those concepts. Maybe they would, one day. Hard to say for sure.

That Flamsteed Clone, he was a funny one. Not so unlike Nem, especially at that age, though they had a feeling he was a little more genuine in how innocently he - quite literally, sometimes - pointed things out. Nem knew they'd seemed just as innocent to a lot of people, and so that didn't necessarily mean anything, but they were confident enough in having the measure of others that they didn't doubt their assessment for a moment.

The next question was one Nem was more willing to answer, not least because they did not need to cast their mind very far to happen upon something that could be fun. Topical too, even, depending on how you looked at it.

"Sir," they said, raising their hand to get Carton's attention, and providing their answer in a matter-of-fact tone, without a trace of provocation. "I read, once, about a man who murdered his father, then transfigured the body into a bone and buried it in a garden to... hide it, or get rid of it entirely, I'm not sure." Far more effective methods available than that, but maybe Crouch had for some reason intended to come back for it, and wanted it hidden only temporarily, unlikely to be given much consideration even if found. Or he was just doing what he could with what he had. Regardless, it served a purpose for Nem. "Would that be considered a creative use for transfiguration?"

Norman’s expression remained impassive at Upstead’s answer. Of course this one would take their answer in the most disturbing direction possible. Despite the grim subject matter, it was still factually correct, though whether or not it was morally correct was another story. “It can be. Yes, Mr. Upstead,” he replied.

Text Cut: Fox
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash could think of creative uses of transfiguration. Not quite as suspicious as Nem's answer, but not innocent either. "Say you wanted to smuggle contraband. Like illegal dark objects, or supplies during a war, or something that just had super high taxes on it. Doesn't really matter. You could transfigure it into something else, like children's books or pebbles, or cool lamps. Then when your cargo passed inspection, you turn it back into the real stuff and distribute it. That would be creative." And yes, she came up with that idea herself. She was quite proud of it. "It would be good if you were a smuggler or a pirate." And yes, smugglers and pirates were generally considered bad. But Ash could think of situations where they did good things, so... they couldn't say that her idea was evil in all situations.

Fox’s answer got a nod in reply. Another correct, if slightly unsettling, example of creativity in transfiguration…. One that provided headaches for Magical Law Enforcement departments the world over, as he recalled from his years working in one. “It certainly would be, Miss Fox,” Norman agreed.

Text Cut: Cambridge
Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
He couldn’t have said it better himself.

Emmerson may have squealed if she wasn’t working so hard to be professional and the perfect student for class. Keeping it classy, the little girl smiled...beamed....looked like it was Christmas. Same difference, really.

Coming down from the high of getting that last answer SO right, Emm had to buckle down to come up with another one. By far, Nem’s was the most interesting. She didn’t think she could top that and while that brought her into a small panic, the Gryffindor buckled down to think harder.

Creativity in transfiguration.

Creativity. How did she like using it...?


“Well, Professor. If you wanted to decorate your own dance studio and had the right materials and the right spells, you could make a TON of different designs. The same spell that turns a piece of wood into a chestnut wardrobe, could get you one with a nice French finish or a more modern cut and trimmings. That part is ALL imagination. You gotta decide what kind you want, within reason. You could have a different studio all week and then you’ll feel like you’re really going places and seeing the world when really it’s the same room and the same spells.”

Wow, Cambridge was certainly full of ideas, wasn’t she? As Norman listened, he could visualize exactly what she described, and he smiled slightly. Perhaps a career in interior design was in her future? Never mind. “Very good, Miss Cambridge,” he replied. “That sounds like a fun use of transfiguration.”

Text Cut: Flamsteed/T-wrecks (Sorry about him!) xD
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Last term, Atlas would have never DREAMED of speaking up in a lesson...let alone talk back to a professor. Not even Professor Williamson or Professor Auntie June. He was too afraid to and considering the number of Crucio's he had seen right before his very eyes, not to mention TWO Killing Curses, the Gryffindor had every reason to zip it.

But now...was different. He felt a little safer and therefore it was a testament and a GOOD thing that he was behaving the way he was. At least that was what mum had said and it was permission he was going to run with.

Tail smaller now and more manageable, Atlas politely thanked the professor before his mouth was back at it. "Distracting for who, professor? That seems like a vague and kind of subjective sort of blanket statement." His question was rooted in genuine curiosity and a need to know. "I find some costumes here VERY distracting for various reasons." He glanced around to find someone he could point at and Evan Atlas pointed at that Ravenclaw. "I have minor bovinophobia."

Just saying.

Anyway, not to be entirely derailed from the actual lesson or anything.

Atlas personally found the very nature of Transfiguration 'creative'. You WERE creating something through magical modification and manipulation, so it seemed like the concept was engrained in the literal magical DNA, so to speak. So, well, he struggled with finding an answer to this next question as he found everything changed through spellwork to be rather creative.

"I've always thought switching spells were pretty neat," he offered with a small chirp. "You could pull off some pranks really well with that, switching an apple someone is about to bite into with something else...or switching your homework with your brother's because they switched yours that morning and you want to keep your hard work because you spent forever on the essay and it's not your fault that they didn't and are trying to take credit for something you did."

Hypothetically speaking.

Norman tried, he really tried to be nice, but this one was trying his patience. The first time, he could understand the confusion. Now the questions bordered on defiance, and he was so done with it! He was not going to waste time justifying his rules to a child. “You have a right to those opinions, Mr. Flamsteed,” he said without a hint of emotion, “but I’ll thank you to leave other students out of this.” He gave the Gryffindor a look, warning him he was treading on thin ice. “Should you wish to continue this conversation, you may do so in my office after class.” Until then, this conversation was over.

By the time the second question rolled around, he’d all but forgotten about the earlier conversation. A small smile played upon his face as he imagined someone biting into a random object instead of an apple. “All very creative uses of switching spells,” he replied. “Good examples, Mr. Flamsteed.”

Text Cut: Kingsley
Originally Posted by NiallNIP View Post
Quinn smiled brightly at the compliment. He was always happy when someone thought he was doing good at something. Knitting, baking, growing plants... it was satisfying to do well. And it felt good being praised for it. Was that selfish? That he wanted praise? It's not like his whole purpose for doing that stuff was to be complimented on it... was it? He wasn't sure now. Huh.

Uh, a-anyway, um... a creative use for transfiguration... "Um, well, you could definitely change things into animals for a variety of purposes. Like if you wanted to move a piece of furniture, change it into a weasel and let it walk on its own," he was pretty sure he was referencing an answer he gave last term, during the Migalifors lesson. "Or if someone needed to get into a tight space, you could turn them into a ferret. Or somewhere up high, a bird... lots of different things."

Well, Kingsley’s answer sounded familiar! Where had Norman heard it before? Just kidding! He remembered the lesson from last term all too well, and he appreciated the tie-in of previous information. “Yes, Mr. Kingsley,” he said. “Those are all good examples.”

Seeing no more hands in the air, Norman felt the time was right to move on. “Based on your answers, I see you have no shortage of creative ideas,” he addressed the class, smiling slightly. “Today we’re going to put that creativity into practice with a fun little project.” At least he hoped they’d find it fun! Although he was usually the practical no-nonsense type, he felt they could all use something lighthearted after last term, and the Halloween holiday seemed like the right time.

“We’ll be making jack-o-lanterns using the spell Mr. Nam mentioned, Melofors.” he continued. Did the skulls and pumpkins make sense now, kids? “While this spell gives the impression that the target has a pumpkin for a head, it doesn’t actually transform its target. Instead, it conjures a pumpkin around the target’s head. You’ll be practicing on the plastic skulls, but before we get into the spell demonstration, we have something else to do.”

Reaching behind his desk, he pulled out a box full of art supplies: paint, brushes, markers, colored paper, glitter, and glue, among other things. “Using these materials - or your own, if you have them, decorate your three skulls,” he instructed. “You can use magic to decorate if you wish, but these must stay in the form of a skull for the Melofors spell to work.” In other words, no turning the skulls into other things! “You may start now; we’ll move on in fifteen minutes.”

OOC: Main activity time! For part 1, your character needs to decorate the three plastic skulls on their desk. Magic is allowed, as long as they DO NOT transform the skulls into anything. Part 2 will go up AROUND 11 AM EDT tomorrow (5/23).
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