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When the door opened, Nem glanced up to see Limpet, and smiled briefly back at her. "Hey." They knew she didn't like the idea of telling people about these tutoring sessions, and so they had followed suit and kept quiet too. It might have put them in a more favourable light - Nemesis Upstead tutoring a younger kid, free of charge, out of the greater goodness of their own heart - but keeping it under wraps for longer would ultimately have a greater benefit. At least, they thought so.

It helped that Limpet was not intolerable, and that her issues with magic had been a fun little problem for Nem to work on as well. The entertainment factor had not lasted long, but Nem's demeanour had not changed even then; they'd always been patient, friendly, and so very helpful. These tutoring sessions served a purpose for the both of them, and they often got to talking as well.

They closed the book so Limpet could see the title - Metal-Charming: A Compendium - and looked up. "Research. For something I'm working on."

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