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SPOILER!!: awww class is over already?! so much fun though
Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Meda listened to the ones that decided to share their dreams and nodded a few times, she couldn't help but smile when they stated that something she knew she had done had gotten into the dream. "Very good, I do hope you write some of these down. Now some of you have mentioned music and some sounds. There is a part in dreams you have to be very careful with. I walked around and Irvin did as well and did a few things to see if they would get placed in your dreams. Just like when you are awake there are some things that can manipulate your dreams to make you think one thing when really it is another. This school year we will be working on a project with dreams and you are going to learn more about the patterns, the signs, and the possibilities of how to read them to see warnings and predict futures. "

She checked her watch and was sad to see how fast the class had went. "I have enjoyed our first lesson and I hope you did as well. I will be posting the project soon so please keep your eyes out for that. I think you will have fun and we will discuss more of the patterns and what they mean, such as water, darkness, and even food." She did want to keep some mystery in it though. "If you write down what you did dream about today please keep that with you, it could be useful for the future."

With this she opened the trap door and watched Irvin head out of it. "Class is dismissed of today, have a joyful rest of the day and I will see you soon."

ooc: I am so sorry, the end of the school year is kicking my butt and now I'm having computer issues so I couldn't get quotes to reply to everyone individually! As soon as I get through the school year I'm going to open the term long assignment so be on the look out for that fun! Thank you so much for coming to this lesson!

And just like that...class was over? Already? that went by so fast, but nonetheless...Aibhi enjoyed it so much. Making sure she wrote down her dream and make sure she remembered the details of certain things. Now, making sure she packed everything up, she looked around her desk to make sure everything she brought with her was on her desk now and she gathered her things and stood up from her desk. She began to walk out of class, but not before turning to Euka to say, "Thank you for the lesson today, Professor. It was real interesting. I enjoyed it a lot! Have a nice day!" and with that she headed out the door and out of the class.
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