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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ashley "Ash" C. Fox
Third Year

Ash watched Lucien Rosier rip her brother and her boyfriend from each other's arms. She wept silent tears of blood (and real tears in real life). Why? What was this all for? Why couldn't she be a tormented soul forced to repay her debt with blood ALONE? Why did her loved ones have to come too? Thato was the whole reason she became a witch- she wanted to protect them. She didn't think about how she lost her soul when she signed the contract with the universe! And most importantly, why was Lucien Rosier humming? That was the worst thing of all. Even as he burned her young half-brother at the stake, even as he shoved her boyfriend into a mirror and shattered him into a million fragmented pieces, even as he watched her die alone - he was humming calmly. That was sick. Beyond cruel.

It actually was the humming that flicked the switch and told her brain to TURN. IT. OFF. Her brain let her die finally in the dream, so that she could return to reality. Thankfully, it was not like the lady from inception. Ash woke up, and wiped the tears (no longer made of blood) from her face. She took several deep breaths. It was just a dream. Although it was cruel of the professor to make them all have nightmares.

Ash felt the bracelets on her wrist. Mental clarity. That's what they were for. "For some reason, creepy music kept playing in the background. Not sure if that's trying to tell me that my life is a tragic play or if you were just playing creepy music while I was asleep. Oh, and the deaths involved fire, mirrors, and slow death while watching your loved ones die- I guess my mind wanted to make it really clear what I think the worst ways to die are. To be honest, it kinda reminded me of an angel falling from grace. Cause we were literally falling into the worst possible situation. Oh! And I cried tears of blood, if that means anything." Yeah. This dream was literally just designed to hurt her. Every dream was the same, but different in a new torturous way each time. If the divination teacher wanted to know the details, she could get the details. But they weren't good details. Not at all. Ash pulled out her notebook and started sketching the first scene. She wanted to keep it.
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