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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash absolutely was not interested in crying in front of anybody ever. So she sniffled really loud to suppress the tears. The tears were ready to fall, but she was not going to let them. They could fall when she got back to the dormitory, or the treehouse or a closet, or even the laundry room. Somewhere where they could fall alone. The tears and the girl. "Yes, please. I'd have some hot chocolate." Hot chocolate sometimes burned her tongue. But that was okay. Ash didn't mind those burns. They weren't even close to the feeling of real fire. And hot chocolate sometimes had whipped cream and marshmallows. Ash did not think there would be either. And she was too afraid to ask. But hot chocolate was hot chocolate. It was mostly good. "Well, the headmaster asked how we liked to handle situations. And I said just go into the situation with what you have and make the best decision you can, and he did NOT think that was safe." Or something like that. And an angrier version of Ash would have said that that's why they had a war where everyone almost died. And that nobody was safe and they were all gonna die in the end anyway. Ash HAD said that before. Actually not very long ago, at that mandatory therapy thing... but she did not feel like saying it now. Maybe she would later. It was still true. "I don't see any other options though. Doing nothing usually seems like the worst option to me." Because what if you did nothing and someone got hurt because of it? If they got hurt because of your actions, at least you had tried, right? Sure, a pureblood supremacist could get upset with her defiance, but they were also upset with her existence, so it didn't really matter. Ash wished that the other people at Hogwarts would understand.

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. Ash remembered that quote. It was taped to the wall at the muggle school where she used to go. It made so much sense to her now.
This was likely for the best because... er... well... er. Finneas wasn't ever good with crying. Consoling students was difficult enough on it's own, but when tears were involved? The biggest of yikes. This was not something he'd ever know how to navigate. Emotions were not his forté.

He was quite glad that she took him up on his offer of hot chocolate though. That'd keep him busy whilst he navigated this feelsy conversation. Er. AnYwAy. He mozied his way over to his little beverage corner and poured himself a cup of tea, before moving to prepare a cup of hot chocolate for the young Ravenclaw. "Ah, I see," he replied thoughtfully. But did he see? Did he ReAlLy? Maybe not. But he could try to understand. That's what Schmoes did. Try.

"Perhaps in some cases," he began, not entirely certain if they were still speaking of the events from last term or if they were speaking more generally now. "It is, er, it is worthwhile to to pause and give a situation some thought?" He offered gently as he turned around to hold out the cup of hot chocolate for her taking. "That is an action in it of itself, er, is it not?" Just some food for thought. Also hot chocolate for thought.
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