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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
The quill? Oh yeah, the quill!!

Kodee had been about to launch into the entire second half of the story but the question, small and insignificant as it was, was enough to derail him. “I didn’t, the security blokes come barging in, haul him out quill and all. Panic, hysteria, all that nonsense and me without a quill to take it down so that report’s probably not gonna be the best—reckon you should see about getting it from the stenographer in case you’re gonna need it for your records.” About half way through trying to get his memory working on the earlier events...he may have begun to embellish a bit...and get side tracked some. Didn’t need Kaiser’s work suffering for that.

“Wanna come over, after work? I’ve got Ty until the weekend, we can take him for a run or something, get our blood pumping after a day work.” The least stimulating job in the world when things weren’t going to absolute dung around the ministry. With the recent...uproar, he supposed he couldn’t go wishing for worse so soon but Merlin would it do a lot to break the monotony.

“I’ll order us something, anything you want.”

Kodee ordered out so much that he no longer really had a preference. Still had his go tos but they were all sorta blending recently.

"Poor quill." Not to be preoccupied with the adrift and wandering quills of the world, but Kaiser couldn't help but wonder where it was now, and almost immediately flew down an avenue of thought relating to the wayward quill's misadventures as it journeyed through the Ministry and the world beyond. Maybe he had no room to judge Kodee's tangential thoughts anymore. Maybe technically he'd never had that room in the first place.

Wait. "Sure, I'll do that," Kaiser agreed automatically, with not the slightest what Kodee had just said to him. If it was important, it would... maybe occur to him later. Maybe.

Regarding the rest: "Sure," he said again, though at least now he knew what he was agreeing to. Running sounded... terrible, though. "Maybe we could-... no, we can't climb." Ty. Ty could not climb. Not buildings, at any rate. Kaiser wasn't sure he had any kind of preference for food either; his appetite left something to be desired these days, but he liked to believe it was just nerves about Elio, who was about ready to start living with him and Candela. It only now occurred to Kaiser that, with Elio to consider, impromptu plans like this may soon be a thing of the past.

Realising he was in danger of lapsing into a brooding silence, Kaiser jolted himself out of it with startling suddenness. "We'll do something fun, maybe order some... ah... burgers. And maybe next time you can come to mine." This was sort of a big deal; Kaiser didn't like people coming to the flat too often, even those few, like Kodee, who knew where he lived, or the social workers who were required to check in. He didn't mind relaxing that a bit more for Kodee, in fact he found he wanted to... provided the presence of a toddler in the near future wouldn't totally scare his friend off.

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