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Originally Posted by Samia View Post
Aries Flamsteed ... was lost.

He had been on his way to this treehouse he had heard a lot about - but currently all he could see were trees and no houses.


And he was SOOOO far out now too that he couldn't really turn around and walk back to where he had started. Just when he was SURE his first weekend back to school was going to be a waste - he found himself in the midst of really HUGE trees - with lots of different kinds of birds flying about it. Curious to see them up close, he dropped his back pack and rounded on a tree that looked like something he could definitely climb for a better view.
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Lia was out and about on one of her walks. It wasn't one of her normal walks where she was headed towards the barn or the greenhouse, both places she had visited already this morning. This walk was aimless. With no real direction. Yet, that's what she was enjoying about it most.

There was a gentle breeze that swept through the trees along the pathway every so often, the scent of flowers traveling with it. The fresh air and quiet was nice as she continued walking further down the paths. How far did these go anyhow?

Spotting a familiar face or well more like the back of their head, up ahead she called out a simple, "Hi." She would've used their name but she couldn't tell which twin it was by the back of their head.. actually she might not be able to tell either way.
Oh no.

Oh no.

Oh no no no no no.

While Atlas HATED to admit it, he had grown a certain fondness for Ore-son Welles last term. What had begun as a kind of petty project and this embarrassing need to feel close to dad in midst of everything terrible happening had quickly turned into a genuine care and appreciation for the infamous muggle pet rock. He hadn't really understood dad's obsession with them and why he had a couple himself and even bought them pet beds...but now...he kind of got it.

Which was why he was SPRINTING down the pathways looking for a few key landmarks that indicated where he needed to jump off the path and veer into the shrubbery a bit to start digging. During one of his times out on the ground before the war had come to Hogwarts, Atlas had spent his last hour with Ore-son Welles and buried the pet rock in its tin for safe keeping. He couldn't risk The Hoodsô finding the muggle inspired companion in his room, so burying him out in the grounds and unearthing him whenever he wanted a chat seemed like the most logical method to carry on. And then the war happened...and Atlas had entirely forgotten about Ore-son Welles.

So...uh...oops. Frantic Gryffindor coming through.

He was sprinting so fast that he didn't notice that the two second years by the tree that juuuuuuuust so happened to be one of his landmarks was his own brother and Dahlia. Skidding to a stop, the blonde hopped off the path...and tripped right over one of the roots and on to his face.


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