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Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
Sophie smiled as she watched the little owl get delighted by having its treat. What a cutie with all that feather wiggling! When the creature allowed her, the Charms Developer untied the letter from its leg. "Thank you! Would you like some water too before you go?" She asked the owl before opening the letter, conjuring up a small dish and filling it with water for the bird. She put the letter down on a table and got a few more nibbles from her pocket, placing them next to the dish on the table. "Help yourself to some more if you'd like."

Not waiting to see whether the owl would go for what she had just offered, Sophie opened the letter and read it. Her smile just grew wider and wider as she read her son's handwriting, and she tilted her head ever so slightly at the mention of something he found in an old Transfiguration book. She couldn't help but feel nostalgic at the mention of Hogsmeade, as she normally did. Merlin, her teenage years had been some good days. She missed all of it so much.

She folded the letter back up and neatly placed it back in the envelope, and then put it in her pocket. She'd reply back home and use one of their own owls.
Mangig was too busy enjoying the treat to be paying much attention to what the woman was saying, but the owl did pay attention when she poured water into the dish and clearly offered them a bath. Mangig was too elated to find the gesture offensive, took GREAT care keeping their feathers pristine, and simply hopped off her arm and started rolling in the water. This, of course, meant that the water went eeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeerywheeeeeeeeereeeeeee, but Mangig was too busy enjoying their spa moment to care.

After sufficiently rolling around in the water, and most of it now on the table surrounding the little dish and on the lady's top, Mangig hopped up and off to help themselves to some more treats...and left a little treat of their own right there on the table in a squirt and squish of white.

Chirping their thanks, the Scops Owl ruffled their feathers one more time and then took off to head back to the Owl Post.
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