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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Naturally, the set up of the classroom {the revolving lights and the magenta lamps} was rather attention catching. Claudine decided immediately that she liked it. The dance floor… not so much. Sweet baby dragons! Please don’t let it be that they would be dancing sometime during this lesson. Cue her eyeing the instruments as well.

“Hi, Professor.” Oh, stand around the dance floor? Sure, that was easy enough to do, especially since there was a tiny gathering by the entrance’s wall. Claudine and her comfortable, soft-soled shoes took themselves to a corner of the floor, eyeing the thing covered with the black cloth. Whatever the thing was.
This class was alright. Ash somehow related to the professor, although she wasn't sure why. Just something. She'd think about it. It was locked in her subconscious. She'd find it one day. "Hi professor."

Ash did not like to dance though. She sometimes did ballet, but that was more of an exercise thing than anything else.

She waved at Lisa and stood next to Claudine. "Hiiii. I hope the professor is dancing, and not me. Or Kale, and not me. Literally anyone who isn't me. I like the setup though." It was pretty cool. All in all, this was an okay class.
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