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Divination was not one of Heath's better subjects. Honestly, he had no idea how he'd scraped by with an A on the OWL, but he felt he owed it to Professor Kitridge to continue his studies. She was one of the good ones. She'd been practically the only professor willing to stand up to the Neo-Alliance before outside help arrived, and he hadn't forgotten how she comforted the students in class that term when they were sent back in time.

It still felt weird walking into the divination classroom and not seeing her, so instead Heath focused on the poster. Hmm… interesting choice of classroom decor. Was there a form of divination? Dance? Yeah, no. The only way this Ravenclaw would dance was in a play, and then he had two things that he didn't now: 1) time to learn the choreography and 2) more often than not, a dancing partner. Anything that involved touching was also quickly ruled out; those things were reserved for only those he knew and trusted most. Instead he opted for a simple verbal greeting, "Hello, Professor."

He took a seat near Claudine, Ash, Fiona, and a firstie he didn't yet know (Victoria). After stowing his bag under the chair, he closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. In and out, in and out, in and out… Okay, done. Could he open his eyes now?
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