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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Finneas was just preparing some tea when he heard the knock on his door. Setting the kettle down, he moved to open the door in that bumbling way of his. "Hullo, Ms. Fox," he offered her a warm smile as he opened the door in full. "Would you, er, would you like to come in?" He hadn't the faintest idea as to what brought her here today, but he was pleased to see her. Finneas had been meaning on checking in. Last term was a rough one for her, particularly.

Schmoe gestured to welcome her inside. Luckily, he had managed to... somewhat organize the place and the beanbag chairs were extra inviting today - he had taken a quick break to sit in one earlier today. "I've just prepared some tea." He had an assortment of tea bags if she wasn't a fan of the chamomile he had prepared with loose leaves. Many options to choose from.
Ash read something in a book one time. That when you were walking into a haunted house, you must cross over fast or risk panicking and being unable to move. Same principal applied for this visit. So Ash stepped in and clasped her hands. "Thank you. Can I sit down in one of those beanbags? No thanks on the tea. You can have it."

I don't drink tea.
What do you drink?
Not tea.

Ash suddenly needed to know the answer right now. Because she wanted to run away, and if she did, she'd never have an answer. "Schmoe... would it have been better if I didn't... you know... fight all the time?" She blinked fast so that no tears could even consider falling. "Wouldn't it be worse if I didn't?" She didn't understand why people wanted her to shut up and stop drawing attention. Did they think she would be safe if she didn't speak out. She wouldn't. She would be dead, right next to all the other muggleborns. Maybe they could live happily ever after in silence with a whole group of people suffering right next to them. WAS THAT WHY? WAS IT? "It's not fair... they don't get it... because being quiet would get me hurt anyway even if I didn't do anything." Ash could feel the floodgates of tears coming on. Great. How long had she been in here? One minute? Five?
Well. This was not optimal.
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